11 Behaviors That Attract Men The Most

Every male has a unique physical makeup and set of interests. However, there are some habits that, outside of outward appearances, drive men crazy and force them to pay close attention to you. Here are some of the most intriguing subliminal messages that will convince him that you are the most stunning woman on the planet.

1. Be impulsive

A man will appreciate it if you can enjoy what’s occurring while it’s happening and go with the flow rather than constantly planning things out. Men typically prefer an experience over an intense therapy session or disclosing every vulnerability, and they express themselves through activities more often than they do through speech. Don’t try to force anything and instead, appreciate the moment.

2. Demonstrate kindness

Being cold won’t help you at all. However, kindness is a quality that is admired everywhere. Everyone wants a person with a decent heart, and it appears that males feel the same way as well. This is crucial when deciding on a partner for a committed relationship, along with the ideas of comprehending empathy and forging solid social ties.

3. Being self-sufficient

When you are doing your own thing, guys enjoy it. It implies that you are a confident, independent lady who won’t be needy or dependent on a man. Additionally, it’s pretty beautiful and provides him the ego boost that males so desperately need if you’re busy yet still make time for him. A woman who has her own life is a healthy approach to play into the dynamic that men always love “the chase.”

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4. Allow him to be a guy

Women frequently like curling up with a Sex in the City marathon or an episode of The Bachelor. Maybe avoid scheduling date evenings or forcing him to watch guilty pleasure TV when his favorite team is playing a crucial game. You two won’t get tired of spending time together because it fosters interests and social networks outside of your romantic connection.

5. Have optimism

A guy’s opinion of physical beauty can be changed by being upbeat and having a “glass half full” perspective on life. Even a supermodel may appear like the Grinch if they are constantly in a bad mood and speak or act negatively rather than seeing the positive.

6. Letting your hair fall loose

Men appreciate women who have medium-length to long hair and who wear their hair down, regardless of how they may appear. Evidently, men find women to be more beautiful when their hair is long and worn down. It appears that the absence of quarantine haircuts was a good thing.

7. Have fun with his jokes

Strangely enough, males care more that women laugh at their jokes than that they find them amusing. While men certainly value humorous women, they also enjoy it when females laugh at their cringe-worthy dad jokes. It seems that while enjoying comedy is vital, creating humor is less crucial.

8. Listening actively and acting involved

Nothing makes a man happier than to be paid attention to. It’s kind of like an aphrodisiac to listen to your date. Body language can be used to convey engagement. The fastest way to get there is with sparkling eye contact and pursed lips. In order to avoid giving the impression that you are bored, lean in, smile, and keep your eyes focused.

9. Speaking style and tone

A woman’s voice has the potential to be extremely attractive. For example, some people choose a high, feminine voice like Marilyn Monroe’s. Generally speaking, males dislike Kim Kardashian’s signature squeaky voice. Evidently, men find it attractive when a lady speaks at a similar rate and pronounces phrases in a similar manner to them.

10. Be truthful

For many people, this is challenging. We all have different demons in our closets, but being open and truthful demonstrates that you don’t have a manipulative nature and that you lay everything on the table. Because of this, a man will have greater faith in you and won’t suspect that you’ll ever cheat on him or conceal a bigger untruth. Don’t lie about having children or pretend to have pastimes other than what you actually do.

11. Take the initiative.

Some women may find this daunting, but once you do it, you’ll experience a whole new level of empowerment and confidence, and boys can sense that. Smiling, leaning in, and giving him that first kiss, take charge of the moment.