11 Celebs That Make Crocs Look Good

Once considered the ugliest shoe ever, Crocs. However, celebrities are here to improve the reputation of this firm. Their web searches have increased dramatically ever since Nicki Minaj wore those pink Crocs. Additionally, since the rapper and other celebrities have been updating this look, it has shot to the top of Amazon’s best-selling items! Pink Crocs sales also increased by 4,900% as a result of it.

Some of these celebrities are so devoted to these cushy rubber shoes that they have already collaborated with Crocs, while others are just enormous fans and carry these shoes everywhere they go. After all, celebrities have hectic schedules, and you can’t spend those hectic days in uncomfortable shoes that cause blisters. Here are the most well-known celebrities who have supported the contentious Crocs brand in some form and make it appear far better than we average folks do.

1.Nicki Minaj

When the queen of hip hop wore pink Crocs with an all-pink costume that featured Chanel and the rapper striking a seductive position with strategically arranged pillows, she undoubtedly succeeded to introduce a once-nerdy shoe into the world of avant-garde high fashion.

2.Justin Bieber

The Biebs wears Crocs so frequently that he even collaborated with Crocs to create a collection of vibrant yellow shoes with his label Drew House. He argues that because he wears them “constantly” and wants to create “something cool that I like to wear,” they are an authentic relationship.

3.Bad Bunny

Like Justin, Bad Bunny has his own limited-edition Crocs release. When he appeared on The Tonight Show sporting a lime green version of the sneaker and a bubblegum pink blazer, he made us all swoon. Here, he is sporting an all-white costume and a glow-in-the-dark variation of it.

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4.Ariana Grande

Only Ariana was able to combine her white Crocs with white ankle socks and an oversized hoodie, making them seem gorgeous. Chic casual, huh? Since we’ve seen how well she pulls off this style, we might give it a shot at some point.

5.Drew Barrymore

Of course, Drew’s 2018 collection for Crocs featured the words “love” and “happy” emblazoned on the side of the sole. Like everything the bohemian star touches, it was Boho beautiful. She is shown in the advertisement sitting in a flowery heap and actually wearing them in. Barrymore is as wacky as ever, as usual.

6.Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose supports Crocs because it aids in her pursuit of equality and justice. She once wore a pair of rainbow-colored platform Crocs with the words “Just Love” emblazoned on the back. She also created a shoe that was more reminiscent of the 1990s. The most unique of the Crocs collaborations is her line of clothing. She wore one pair of pink Crocs and one pair of blue Crocs in 2020 to match her pink and blue hair.

7.Post Malone

The tattooed rapper has collaborated with Crocs four times, and it makes sense. Never hesitant to make a statement, he does so. Strangely, only Australia received the third partnership’s release. They are dressed by the musician in everything from polka dots to camouflage.


Questlove sported a suave jacket with kimono-inspired details, a stylish mask, and gold Crocs to the 2021 Oscars. The shoes appeared to have metallic gold spray paint on them, but because of their understated design, they actually work as a standout piece!

9.Whoopi Goldberg

One of the first celebrities to adopt the Crocs fad was Whoopi, who proudly wore the rubbery foam shoes to the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in a print that complemented her handbag. Well, at least one of them.

10.Priyanka Chopra

Crocs are now considered a hip girl shoe if a super babe like Priyanka can wear them with confidence. In one chic Instagram photo, she is wearing a black glitter version of the shoes, while in a brand-representing advertisement, she is wearing a more subdued blue pair.

11.Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham is shown cooking while wearing only his undershirt. We’re not sure if anyone is seeing his shoes, but Romeo is a fan and has several pairs. Yellow is his preferred colour to wear them in. This appears to be the cosiest clothing I’ve ever worn.

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