11 Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media

Put good into your body, good comes out is a maxim that also holds true for the information you consume on social media. A “diet” of social media accounts that uplift and encourage can help you advance in your quest for a healthy life, much as consuming nutrient-rich meals has beneficial physical outcomes.Having said that, social media is infamous for presenting inflated perceptions of health.

Many social media profiles can give you the impression that leading a healthy lifestyle is only for a select few, whether it be through photos of unattainable bodies or perfectly dressed salads.

But nothing could be further from the truth than this.  You can opt to subscribe to people who exhibit practical strategies to eat well while having open dialogues about the difficulties of doing so rather than following accounts that make you feel demotivated. Interested in creating a feed that feeds both your body and mind?

Here are 11 motivational social media accounts for healthy eating that you should follow.

1. Compston Kitchen

In addition to being a married couple who enjoys cooking together, Stephen and Elise Compston are qualified dietitians.
Their catchy slogan, #upgradedeverydayeats, sums up their approachable philosophy to delicious, nutritious cuisine on a daily basis.

With the help of their shared experience and the practical difficulties of raising young children, they offer amusing, realistic posts for quickly putting food on the table.

Their specialty is simple meals with a limited number of ingredients. Don’t miss their 5-ingredient BBQ egg and cheese quesadillas or their 4-ingredient tofu sheet-pan dinner.

2. Financial Bytes

Beautiful recipe photographs can be seen on certain foodie social media profiles, but a closer check shows pricey ingredient lists (ahem… truffle oil everything).

With Budget Bytes, not so! This culinary blog’s social media accounts are focused on simple, budget-friendly dishes, as suggested by its name.

The blog’s creator, Beth Moncel, established it in 2009 as a method to record her trials with developing inexpensive recipes while still a new college graduate struggling to make ends meet.

Budget Bytes is now a great resource for anyone who wants to eat well on a budget thanks to its app that collects all of its recipes and over 400,000 Instagram followers.

You can find anything from traditional comfort foods to vegan sweets and meal preparation ideas in Moncel’s content library.

3. Convenient Wellness

Jackie Silver, a nutritionist with a physical impairment, is aware firsthand that achieving wellness requires a customized approach.
Her useful Instagram page provides straightforward recipes, helpful hints on reusing leftovers, and a ton of healthy snack options that can be made in just two minutes for both persons with and without disabilities.

She also offers information on nutritional therapy for a variety of chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Dietitian Silver also practices mindfulness-based eating awareness, which is clear in her postings about mindful eating and changing your perspective on food and body image.

4. Natasha’s Kitchen

When you need a little more joy in your day, visit Natasha’s Kitchen on YouTube. Natasha Kravchuk, a home cook, is known for her humorous visual jokes and positive demeanor in her countless films. In addition to a variety of straightforward and delectable dishes, Natasha’s movies demonstrate step-by-step methods for more difficult preparations like ratatouille and macarons.

Even though not all of Natasha’s dishes are completely healthy (hello, glazed donuts), her attitude toward food as a source of joy in general is infectious. You could not ask for a more entertaining instructor if you wanted to improve your cooking abilities.

5. Children Eat Color

You certainly want to eat better, but what about the children in your life?
As many parents are aware, mealtime arrangements might fall through if there are picky eaters around.

Dietitian Jennifer Anderson is fortunately on your side.

She is experienced in assisting parents of picky eaters to find their way to a balanced family diet because she is a mother of two young boys.

Anderson debunks myths regarding children’s nutritional needs with a dash of humor. She can provide you with information on realistic toddler portion sizes, kid-friendly snack ideas, and what to do with all the leftover Halloween sweets.

No. 6 Fit Men Cook

Sometimes it seems as though being a woman is a requirement for being a social media guru for healthy eating. But males also desire a healthy diet! Kevin Curry of Fit Men Cook, who has 1.6 million Instagram followers, is an inspiration to people all around the world for his straightforward social media posts.

You can find a variety of delectable yet practical dishes on his feed.

Curry’s simple, mildly sweetened peach oat skillet cobbler is a delicious breakfast option. For evening, try his Cajun red pepper spaghetti with shrimp and mushrooms.

Curry also talks about his own fitness successes, like training for triathlons, and setbacks, like the time he tried aerial yoga. You will undoubtedly be motivated to get more active by his upbeat, optimistic attitude.

7. RD Desilicious

Visit Shahzadi Devje of Desilicious RD for inspiration on international cooking techniques combined with a touch of mindfulness.
Devje, a Canadian nutritionist of South Asian descent, has a feed full of dishes that draw inspiration from around the world, demonstrating that eating better doesn’t have to be bland or tasteless.

Some of her delectable inventions include South Asian-style vegan shepherd’s pie, Lebanese fattoush, and Indian carrot halwa.

While some of her dishes require a little work, others, like her homemade salad dressings and energy bites, are blissfully straightforward.

All the while, Devje’s kind advice encourages readers to make environmentally responsible food decisions and conscious eating habits.

8. Nutritionist in real life

Ever wished you had a dietician buddy who could offer simple dietary guidance? Miranda Galati, a real-life nutritionist, is the online friend you’ve been looking for. Galati’s postings clarify the facts on contentious issues like detoxes, gluten, carbohydrates, and refined sugar, and you might be surprised by her knowledgeable responses!
Additionally, Galati’s dietary philosophy is the definition of inclusivity with the phrase “All Foods Fit.”
Her feed features creative recipes using simple, nutritious ingredients. Who doesn’t want to know what dietitians actually eat? She also frequently posts about “things I ate this week” articles.

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9. Mediterranean cuisine

Many health professionals favor the Mediterranean diet, and for good reason. The anti-inflammatory eating plan requires more than merely frying things in olive oil, though, in it to be truly effective. Suzy Karadsheh was born and raised in Egypt and learned to cook in her mother’s kitchen.

Karadsheh, who is now located in North America, uses healthful recipes from her blog and social media profiles to demonstrate what a Mediterranean diet genuinely looks like in daily life.

Despite the fact that her recipes come from all over the world, the majority of them are accessible to beginners and produced using common cupboard ingredients.

For instance, her simple pesto eggs make for an easy-to-prepare yet filling breakfast, and her no-cook herbed Med chicken salad is perfect for busy weeknights.

Do you need some additional assistance in the kitchen? Follow Karadsheh’s live cooking demonstrations on Instagram.

10. RI vitamin

Maria Sylvester Terry, a former teacher who is now a dietician, was the first to recognize how unrealistic social media can be.

Her Instagram feed, Vitamin RI, strives to assist individuals in eradicating harmful notions about food that are frequently promoted by social media.

She encourages people to live in the gray region, as evidenced by her motto, “helping you discard your black-and-white mentality.”

Maria inspires you to be kinder to yourself through her blogs and videos by not comparing your health journey to others’ and realizing that your weight doesn’t define your worth.

Vitamin RI is a warm place to start for people who want to eat more intuitively.

11. Food Paradise

Are you interested in the definition of health at all sizes? In search of information on intuitive eating? Need a delicious slice of zucchini bread? Registered nutritionists, diabetic educators, and best friends Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones have you covered. They emphasize inclusivity for people of various body kinds and cultural backgrounds on their social media platforms. In the meanwhile, their podcast discusses topics including whether body mass index (BMI) is a reliable indicator of health, whether you should consume organic or non-GMO foods, and how to eat well on a budget with the assistance of other food and nutritional experts.