11 Makeup Mistakes We Don’t Even Realize We’re Making

Remember the good old days when you could leave the house wearing nothing but mascara and lip balm? Yes, there is no liner at all. To obtain a “natural” look, most ladies today must go through a lengthy process of face-making using concealers, blushes, highlighters, and eyeliners. Sadly, the 1990s are a thing of the past. Errors are inevitable during such a challenging surgery. Some of them go completely unnoticed by us! until it’s too late and the entire ensemble is finished. Here are 11 makeup errors we make without even realizing it.

improper mixing of the foundation

It’s so simple to overlook the fact that your face often has a darker tan than the rest of your body. Because of this, always remember to carefully blend concealer with the paler skin on your neck when applying it to your face. Otherwise, it will be very noticeable!

matching the color of your hair and brows

It’s best if your brows appear as natural as possible! Matching your brow color to your hair is a major no-no unless you were born blonde with light brows. It’s really challenging to make dyed brows look natural because dyeing your brows can easily destroy them. Best to stay away from this!

Using your highlighter in a garish manner

Given that it is one of the more recent items, some ladies are still confused by highlighter. Things’s very simple to take it too far! When using highlighter, you should always use caution because it’s simple to transform from a sparkling goddess into a shiny monster. Make sure you apply it in well-lit areas.

avoiding frauds

Admit it: if you want to look good, cosmetics costs a lot of money in addition to time. You should thus start looking for alternatives! Some cosmetics can be purchased, but there are also less expensive options you can hunt for in a medicine shop. Do some research to discover what is available.

Using excessive amounts of bronzer

When it comes to achieving a sun-kissed look, bronzer may really come in handy, but it also has the potential to completely wreck your face. We, poor mortals, need to exercise more caution if celebrities like Snooki believe they can get away with applying bronzer virtually everywhere on their faces. Use this makeup product sparingly because less is more.

Using an inadequate foundation

We’re not just talking about skin tone, but that is also very significant. Each of us has a unique skin type that necessitates a unique foundation. Dry skin is better served by a flowing foundation, whereas oily skin will gain a lot from a drier foundation with a matte finish.

Making a poor neutral lipstick selection

Beautiful neutral lip colors can be challenging to match to your skin tone. Concealer was originally used by girls to try to achieve the nude lip look, and we all know how that ended up. You can only determine the best neutral lipstick for your skin tone via research. Discover your tone, research other people’s recommendations, and experiment!

Lining every eyeball

There’s no need to highlight your entire eye unless you want to get a dramatic East Asian makeup look. It doesn’t improve the way you look and might even make your eyes appear smaller than they are! Instead, draw a pencil outline of your lower lash line and use your liner to define your top lash line.

Makeup on chapped lips

Just like the rest of your body, your lips need to be taken care of. However, a lot of us have a tendency to apply lipstick to chapped, flaky lips because we forget that lips also require care. The outcome is far from beautiful! Remember that if you want your lipstick to appear attractive, you need to exfoliate your lips frequently.

coordinating your makeup with your clothing’s color

When you attempt to match your eyeshadow to that blue, green, or red dress of yours, so many things might go wrong! Generally speaking, this matchy-matchy appearance is frowned upon because it frequently just doesn’t seem right. Simply opt for a neutral color scheme if you’re unsure what to pick.

Absence of setting spray

Although most women think this is superfluous, we firmly believe that the perfect setting spray can transform your makeup into a work of art. It can either make your makeup last longer or provide the ideal matte or dewy finishing touch. To observe the difference, give it a shot at least once!


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