11 Makeup Tricks For Dark Skin

Finding makeup that works for someone with dark skin is much more difficult than it should be. Finding the right tones to both complement and match your natural shade can feel impossible, even though companies like Fenty Beauty have made makeup more accessible for BIPOC. Here are the best tricks recommended by experts for enhancing your flawless skin tone.

1. No Lip Frosting

Although it can be alluring to want to revive this early 2000s trend, frosted makeup is ineffective on dark skin. Actually, it seems overly dramatic. Instead, choose a solid color, which will create a richer and more elegant look and better highlight your lips.

2. Avoid Red Blush and Use Darker Colors Instead

Darker skin tones allow you to experiment with blushes that are impossible for fair-skinned people to wear, such as deep brown, plum, and brick tones. These looks are luscious and romantic on all brown skin tones, and they can highlight certain features like cheekbones and other facial features.

3. Test the Jawline Foundation

The worst thing is to test your foundation in the store under that awful fluorescent lighting only to discover that it is completely the wrong color once you get it home. Instead, we advise doing a swatch test on your jawline in direct sunlight so you can accurately evaluate the situation. Even if this means leaving the store and returning after taking a #goldenhour selfie, it will be worth it in the end. Options from Black Radiance and Fenty Beauty both blend into the skin.

4. It’s Important To Use Matching Matte Powder

It can be challenging for people with darker skin to maintain a matte finish and avoid shine. Since translucent powder can occasionally give skin a white or washed-out appearance when you should be enhancing that glow, try to find a powder that matches your skin tone. You might not even require any other makeup if you choose the right powder.

5. But Avoid Being Overly Matte

While a matte powder can reduce shine, overly matte skin can make you appear older than you actually are by making you look caked on. Use a liquid or cream foundation to give off a chic no-makeup look if you have naturally dry skin or want to counteract a matte product.

6. Add more highlighters.

On dark skin, some makeup artists advise layering three different highlighters as opposed to just one. When you do this, your skin tone will not appear flat, especially after using a matte foundation or powder. The Fenty Killawatt Highlighters are ideal for this use.

7. Keep in mind that your complexion can have multiple tones.

We all want to have skin that is even, but for the majority of people, this is simply not the case. Makeup artists advise starting in the center of your face, which is usually the lightest point, to find a foundation. This enables you to contour while finding the natural points to highlight and conceal.

8. Play Around With Shadows

When the canvas is darker skin, eye shadows can be hit or miss. Try different colors and experiment to find the one that suits you best. You might favor vibrant colors or two-toned hues. Additionally, a neutral shade with a hint of shimmer can help highlight your inherent luminosity, though frosted shadow is still a no-no. Finding a shadow with good pigmentation will also help it appear the same on your skin as it does on the palette.

9. Apply foundation with a brush.

It doesn’t matter if you use a stick, liquid, or cream foundation; applying with a brush ensures a smoother finish. Start with broad strokes and use your brush to apply the product in a circular motion starting in the middle of your face. Buff until the mixture is uniform. Darker skin types frequently experience discoloration, which concealer can help with. Additionally, you can use a brush to naturally blend concealer into your skin, giving the appearance of more natural skin.

10. Don’t cut corners

While fair-skinned girls can occasionally afford to choose the affordable drugstore options, inclusive makeup unfortunately has a cost. Although the price is higher, the quality is higher and the product will last much longer than its less expensive rivals.

11. Improve the brows

Finding the ideal foundation is crucial, but so is achieving the perfect brows because they frame your eyes. A gorgeous brow can completely change the appearance of your face and turn you into an instant supermodel, whether you use tweezing to emphasize your natural arch or a pencil to enhance the look.


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