11 Really Weird Coffee Drinks

Coffee has long been a mainstay in the lifestyle of busy and popular individuals. From coffee dates and the “morning cup of Joe”, coffee is an ever present element of our lives. At this point, though, sipping your coffee black is a statement. There’s so many different kinds of lattes and cappuccinos that going out to test every kind of coffee might take months! Here are 11 of the most unique cups of coffee you can find.

1. Avocado Latte

Avocados are a power food. They’re nutritious, they’re yummy, and they go with anything. You can put it in your salad, you can spread it over bread with some tabasco, or you can brew a latte in it! The Avocado Latte has been the butt of several jokes about millennials, but it’s good. Life is short, and if indulging in a new coffee passion makes you happy – go for it!

2. Clear Coffee

Unlike the Avocado Latte, the clear coffee obsession is quite narrow. It’s not available worldwide and its taste is quite peculiar. It’s a “hate it or love it” drink, and the split between folks who enjoy it vs individuals who don’t tends to fall exactly around the 50% line. Either way – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

3. Charcoal Coffee

Charcoal coffee (like the avocado latte) blends everyone’s favorite cup of joe with some indisputable health advantages. When eaten in moderation, charcoal coffee can be healthy for your metabolism, as the charcoal powder absorbs toxins and helps your body get rid of them. What’s more, utilizing charcoal for latte art can give you additional color to experiment with! And, of course, it looks beautiful on any Instagram account.

4. Sizzling Charcoal Coffee

Oh, the charcoal coffee isn’t hardcore enough for you? You think it to be too mainstream and accessible? What if the charcoal is taken right out of a fire and poured into your coffee? Sizzling, hot, and delicious! Sizzling charcoal coffee is (as of now) a relatively local trend coming from Indonesia, but it’ll make it’s way to your neighborhood hipster coffee shop in no time. If you take your coffee black, this is a terrific way to go the extra mile and make it extra black and extra hot!

5. Vicious Coffee

Vicious Coffee is a coffee establishment in South Australia that prides itself on serving its clientele with #TheWorldsStrongestCoffee. A particularly striking element of their operations is that they offer their coffee in tailor-made flasks with a “Vicious Coffee” inscription. If you want to remain awake for hours and seem like a badass – get one of their flasks. Energy and 12 points to your “coolness” stat are assured.

6. Decaf

Not everyone who appreciates the flavor of good coffee can tolerate the added energy offered by caffeine. Many people give decaf coffee a negative reputation for its lack of caffeine, but getting decent decaffeinated beans is actually fairly tough. A decent cup of decaf coffee is harder to come by than you think, so if you find it – value it.

7. Insomnia Coffee

Another candidate for the status of the world’s strongest cup of coffee. While normal coffee has between 200-250mg of caffeine, one brand sells beans and coffee that has upwards of 400mg of caffeine in it! In fact, this coffee is so strong that it comes with a warning: consuming too much of this kind of coffee can cause cardiac problems. Also, if you have anxiety, it’s probably (in fact, it’s absolutely) advisable to steer away from such large amounts of coffee.

8. Meringue Coffee

This one is a recipe for diabetes. It’s a fantastic recipe for diabetes. It’s an espresso with sugar topped with Meringue (which is basically egg whites and sugar). This drink originated in South Korea, but has quickly made its way to coffee shops in NYC, LA, Paris, Vienna, and Berlin.

9. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee was a major trend in the world of people preoccupied with productivity, life-hacks, and finished to-do lists. The purpose of bulletproof coffee is to pack the most amount of energy and health into a single cup. Sure, you have to make some sacrifices in terms of taste and visual attractiveness, but the end result makes you a productivity machine! Bulletproof coffee is black coffee with extra butter, and Brain Octane oil. The result is a drink that suppresses hunger, brings a tidal wave of energy, and kickstarts your metabolism like nothing else!

10. Tonic Coffee

Tonic coffee is commonly produced by mixing cold brew coffee with some tonic water. The result is a refreshing, exceptionally bitter drink that’s excellent for folks who prefer cold coffee but try their best to keep away from conventional cold-coffee basics (ice cream, cold milk, ice, etc.). Fans of cold brew coffee will know that it’s considerably thicker and frequently tastes like it has a little alcohol, so adding tonic water seems like an obvious method to enhance the coffee’s flavour and to make it a bit thinner.

11. Wine Coffee

Irish Coffee (with either Bushmills or Jameson Irish whiskey), Mexican Coffee (with tequila), and now Wine coffee (which I feel should be called French Coffee). Much like in the case of tonic coffee, adding wine to caffeinated drinks adds to the flavor. However, unlike tonic coffee, adding wine also adds to the enjoyment! You might have to wait till you’re 21 before you do this, but I tell you that it’s worth it.


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