11 Summer 2022 Makeup Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s that time of year to break out your sundresses and best cosmetic looks, whether you’re staying in and attending virtual parties or getting shot and going out IRL once more. We are excited to try out some of the styles that have been trending on Instagram. With these failsafe beauty trends that will rule in 2022, make the most of your hot girl summer.

1. Dark eyes

Through every season, this smoldering, bold aesthetic is perfect for in-person or online get-togethers. A smokey eye can be classy, rock ‘n’ roll, or minimalist, with a face that is otherwise bare. Makeup experts advise switching out taupe, bronze, or mauve eyeliner for black eyeliner for a rocker appearance. Grey also complements hazy aesthetics effectively.

2. Deftly brushed brows

Use your inner Brooke Shields to embrace the large brow trend that is here to stay. Use a perfectly clean mascara wand or brow gel to open up eyes and make you look like a ferocious high fashion model whether cosmetics isn’t your thing or you just want to pair it with a dramatic brow look.

3. radiant appearance

If the nearby beach is too crowded or you are worried about skin cancer, try an illuminating powder to achieve the same effect. Bronzer is out, but this creamy-translucent powder can still brighten cheeks. Think of illuminating sticks or pens as the new highlighter if you want another nice choice.

4. lustrous lips

Gloss is currently in and matte is out. This style transports us back to our adolescence, when we all owned lip gloss in at least ten different shades. Consider using a clear gloss or one with a purple or pastel tint to make an all-natural appearance pop like never before.

5. Cheek rosiness

For 2022, this style is being interpreted in a more understated manner. We’re going for a flushed cheek appearance using blush rather than combining it with a strong lip or bold eye. The easiest way to do that is to use a cream blush that isn’t very vibrant and has a tiny bit of sparkle. Move your fingertips or a brush up and outward from the apples of your cheeks.

6. Outstanding graphic liners

Celebs from all around the world, including musicians like Doja Cat, are experimenting with looks that feature a vivid neon eyeliner arch at the crease of the upper eyelid, just below the brow. This is referred to as a “floating liner,” and it looks amazing when used in conjunction with an underlined brow to tie everything together.

7. Peach lips and cat eyes

This look has probably gained popularity online because Selena Gomez wore it, but anyone can actually pull it off. When you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but still want your look to stand out, simple but adorable makeup is perfect.

8. Makeup without makeup

Realistically, returning to the world of looks and beauty can be scary at first, even though some of us are more eager than ever to get dolled up post-COVID. For anyone who experiences this: think about a naked appearance that isn’t actually naked. We’re talking about subtle contouring, a sheer lip balm or gloss, and deftly applied highlighters or illuminators to draw attention to the angles of the face and the eyes.

9. A glossy, bright eyeshadow

We’re all for it if Tracee Ellis Ross wears it. This ensemble can be worn with and epitomizes summer. neon hues or moodier, romantic colors. We do, however, advocate using light pastels and neons, as Tracee Ellis Ross did with her matte pink Instagram outfit. For the girly girls out there, bold shadow can be used in sparkling tones as well.

 10. Poolside eyes

Use blue and green eyeshadows and liners to keep your eyes as cool as possible during summer. Both of those breezy hues go well with any eye makeup look, from delicate pastels to more vibrant ocean blues. Despite the fact that creamy eyeshadow sticks can be applied more precisely and blend more smoothly than other shadow choices, powdered effects are still fantastic.

11. White liner

Black liner can appear a touch heavy in the summer. So why not use a white liner to brighten the situation? Even better, go all-white and contrast it with subdued music like pistachio baby blues and tans, which are also on the radar for summer 2022 and evoke memories of 90s makeup styles, for a striking and expressive look.


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