11 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes You Must Try

Many cuisine from Ukraine are well known abroad. Every region of Ukraine has its own signature dishes and unique takes on Ukrainian classics, making it very rich and diverse. Although this cuisine is less well-known than the typical Chinese and Mexican takeout alternatives, foodies from all over the world will still like it because it is rich of history and exquisite flavors. Try these 12 classic Ukrainian meals if you want to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other.

1. Paska

This delicious bread is typically taken to church on Easter so it can be blessed. It is prepared in Ukraine. The ingredients for a paska include yeast, milk, butter, sugar, and eggs. It is then covered with a rich frosting and decorative toppings. On the other hand, cottage cheese is used to make cheese paska.

2. Kiev’s Chicken

This breaded butter chicken dish, one of Ukraine’s most popular traditions, calls for flattening a filet of chicken and wrapping it in cold butter. The chicken is then covered in grated cheese, pepper, mushrooms, dill, and parsley. All lovers of chicken will adore this outstanding dish, which is made by frying it after being covered in an egg yolk mixture.

Varenyky 3.

This is the Ukrainian version of the little, savory dumplings from Poland known as pierogi. They frequently contain robust ingredients like meat, potatoes, cabbage, and mushrooms. Cherry varenyky are a common dessert, usually served with sour cream on top.

Kapusniak, #4

Like many other Eastern European meals, sauerkraut serves as the main ingredient. Kapusniak is typically prepared in a mushroom or beef broth with carrots, onions, potatoes, and bay leaves, as well as a side of chopped parsley and sour cream. It is rinsed prior to give it its clear color.

Holubtsi 5.

If you don’t like cabbage, you’ve probably been consuming it improperly. Holubtsi, or cabbage rolls, are made of buckwheat or plain rice and filled with minced meat for a vegetarian option. The meat is wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves along with rice, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. Dill is frequently used as a garnish on them.

Pyrizhky 6.

Are you curious in the comfort foods of Ukraine? The ingredients in these airy pastries in the form of boats are both sweet and savory. These appetizers can be fried or baked, and they can be filled with sweet apples or ground pork and mushrooms. The prepared dough is flattened and filled. Then, to lock in all that goodies, it is squeezed around the edges.

Borshch 7.

Borscht is a hot or cold beetroot soup that can be eaten by both vegetarians and carnivores and is enhanced in flavor by yogurt or sour cream. It’s frequently eaten with garlic doughnuts in Ukrainian culture. The non-meat form of borshch solely has vegetables; the meat-based version is cooked in a stock. Using non-dairy sour cream will convert it to veganism. This nation has a custom of preparing green borschch in the spring.

Deruny 8.

Popular in Ukrainian cuisine, potato pancakes are one of the most adaptable sides or main dishes, especially on a Sunday. Deruny, also known as potato pancakes, are frequently prepared in this nation with a sour cream sauce and served with fried onions and mushrooms.

9. Foods filled with nuts

Prunes with walnut filling are a common childhood memory for Ukrainians as they reflect on their carefree youth. This unusual and delicious dish of walnut packed prunes is frequently served at birthday parties and other occasions. It tastes like nirvana when sweetened condensed milk is added to the end.

Nalynsky 10.

This is the Ukrainian version of stuffed crepes, also known as blinchyky. For a sweet dessert, they can be filled with cottage cheese and fruit, or they can be stuffed with meat, salted fish, or caviar for a savory main dish. The crepes are either baked in the oven or fried in butter after being filled.

Holodets, 11.

Many visitors are surprised by this dish’s peculiarity, despite the fact that some would claim that it is among the best traditional Ukrainian delicacies you can try. But before you dismiss it, give it a shot! A meal called holodets is made of frozen beef broth and has bits of meat inside. It is often manufactured from the leg and hooves of a pig.

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