11 Unique Food IG Accounts With Their Own Style

Nobody gets tired of browsing Instagram food images that make their tummies growl. However, those posts might occasionally get monotonous and repetitious. You occasionally need to add a different angle to spice things up. And that is precisely how these accounts have distinguished themselves from the crowd.

I’m Mel. She travels the world eating, and her posts are quite original. She always poses with a dish from a different city in front of an attractive backdrop that precisely depicts the character of the location. and provides us with some great ideas for manicures!

It’s difficult to believe that this adorable fuzzy creature isn’t a toy placed in front of dishes of delectable food—instead, he’s just an extremely attentive dog who has developed a love of eating! Don’t worry; the owner of the former stray dog in Los Angeles only uses the items to pose for photos, not to feed him. Not to worry, his canine treat equivalent is equally delicious!

In this week’s #couplegoals news, Michael prepares his partner Mark a breakfast that is symmetrically identical to his own and served on these breathtakingly gorgeous dishes with vibrant beverages to go with it. If Mark receives this treatment every morning, he must be the greatest bae!

Pastry chef Tal Spiegal, who is located in Paris, frequently shares photos of exquisite sweets in his hands along with an eye-catching, jazzy pair of shoes that go well with each image. Putting to disgrace everyone’s stylish, sumptuous milkshake photos and walking selfies. You will be prepared to spend a hundred dollars on macarons at any time thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship of these little works of art.

There was undoubtedly some editing involved, but that’s okay with us! Wingardium Leviosa-style photographs give the impression that the photographer is skillfully juggling and tossing these meals into the air. He makes some very delectable selections that we wish we could grab in midair! This is accompanied by some cheeky captions. What else could we possibly need?

The simple things in life are what matter to Chef Jacques. I mean literally. He uses tweezers to style the meal and only prepares little servings. Oh, and it’s junk food, like Doritos and Cheese Whiz, repurposed to resemble priceless, artisanal plates. We’ve never been more perplexed by anything than we are right now!

Similar to Girl Eat World, this photographer and food blogger is all about getting their meal in front of the perfect photographic backdrop and posting it from beautiful locations that are in the air. (Some of them are higher than others, but the background quickly blurs when there are these wonderful, messy, and exotic foods there.

He and his girlfriend’s symmetry plate maker would need to keep an eye out for this account., but this account is dedicated to all the “struggle plates” that bae makes for date night but fails miserably at because he lacks domestic skills. There was a lot of melted Kraft slices and ketchup all over the place. Ugh.

Why not combine two of the nicest things in life—good food and adorable babies? This Instagram account blends some of NYC’s most mouthwatering cuisine with dad Mike Chau’s adorable little munchkins. Hide this amazing Instagram if you’re a parent trying to convince your kids to eat their vegetables!

This Italian account marginally improves upon @ehgg’s rather ridiculous, highly edited aesthetic. We want to catch this dangling meal in midair with our tongues because it seems so delicious. This approach appears to be basic and clean, making good use of the available room and the excellent clarity of the image. Art or food? Why not neither?

We urge everyone who gets upset over brunch, including ourselves, to follow this Instagram right away. This carefully curated feed highlights the best brunches, giving you ideas for your own cooking or, if you’re more of a couch potato, a pricey gourmet brunch.


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