11 Ways To Get Him To Go Shopping With You

You typically go shopping either by yourself or with your girlfriends. You might see the wandering dad or boyfriend waiting outside the waiting area while scrolling through their phone. There are specific ways to create shopping harmony between you and your man, regardless of how little shopping you two have in common.

1. Bring him to shops with a male department.

In an entirely women’s clothing store, he won’t know what to do with himself and will likely end up like one of those miserable boyfriends or husbands who are waiting outside and counting down the seconds. The two of you can give each other some space if there is a men’s area to shop, and he will stop griping.

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2. Keep to the shops he doesn’t mind

Don’t take him to any stores you know for sure he despises. He might not like Hollister because of the chiseled, shirtless male models who make him question his self-worth, or it might be a perfume shop where the smell overwhelms him. Be considerate in either case.

3. Make it challenging

It’s no secret that men enjoy a good challenge. When you take your man shopping, place some cute wagers. He won’t choose an outfit that is superior to the one you chose for the low price of $5. He might even ask customers and shopgirls for assistance, which would make your decision-making process even simpler.

4. Give him a shopping list.

There is no requirement that he wait around while you choose the ideal outfit for brunch with the girls. You can always ask him to look for particular items you need, necessities you need, or other shopping errands you need to complete if you’re in a mall. You get to go shopping, he does the chores!

5. Stay away from crowded areas.

Shopping can be incredibly stressful, especially during the holidays, and most men already experience a sense of claustrophobia. Make an effort to shop at stores that are a little less busy. It will be much less crowded than the weekend if you have a day off during the week. If not, think about leaving a little earlier in the morning to avoid the crowds.

6. Prepare a meal for him.

Nothing is worse than a man who is famished. Even though it might seem obvious, your guy is likely already planning his next burrito consumption while you’re sipping on your second caramel macchiato and browsing Forever 21. Make sure there is a food court where you go shopping, or think about having a pre-game meal with one of his favorite meats to keep that energy up.

7. Avoid choosing establishments where he will feel uncomfortable.

No man wants to awkwardly stand around tables of intimate items while his girlfriend chooses the ideal thong. Helping your girl choose underwear should theoretically be a sensual experience, but when there are lots of other women and salespeople present, it can make a man feel very self-conscious and like he wants to leave the situation as soon as possible. Put off shopping for intimates until later.

8. buying for him

You love to shop, and guys detest it—it works out well! If bae needs some new clothes for his closet, you can offer to choose them for him, or if he prefers to do so, take him to a store with separate male and female sections, like H&M.

9. Let him choose your outfit.

Alternatively, you could let him choose your outfit! If you want, make it a game where you choose each other’s finish. You can thank that enjoyable shopping date the two of you recently had for the fact that you’ll both look incredibly dapper on your next date night.

10. The key is preparation.

It’s hilarious how getting your boyfriend or husband ready for a shopping trip is so similar to getting ready for a child to go out. When it comes to activities and snacks, preparation is essential. Make sure to have a magazine he enjoys nearby and to charge his phone so he can play games and look at Instagram feeds. To prevent potential breakdowns, always have snacks and energy drinks on hand.

11. Get prepared

Communication and organization are key when taking someone shopping. Create a shopping list to prevent hours of aimless wandering. You might feel like a child in a candy store, but he might feel like he’s been given a prison sentence.