12 Amazing Cake Mix Cookie Recipes – They Only Take 20 Minutes To Make!

Here the site Taste and Tell shows us how to make 12 extremely different and soft cookies that include only 4 ingredients, and take only 20 minutes to make! Each type is so diverse and tastes like you purchased it from a bakery — a fantastic Christmas gift or treat to bring to a gathering! Varying blends and add-ins for different textures — there’s something for every craving.

1. Strawberry Mix + Coconut Flakes

This tropical combo looks so cute – excellent for a bachelorette party or bachelor shower, and a flavor that’ll make you think you’re in the Bahamas when it’s actually chilly outdoors.

2. Butter Pecan Mix + Butterscotch Chips

Mmm… fans of all things buttery, life is about to get a whole lot better. The texture must be creamy and crumbly, but those chips appear like a burst of delightful sweetness.

3. Cherry Chip Mix + Chocolate Chips

An interesting spin on the chocolate chip biscuit. Cherries are tasty, chocolate is great, and chocolate covered cherries are delicious, so why would these cookies be anything less than amazing?

4. Chocolate Andes Mix + Mints

Mint chocolate chip enthusiasts, rejoice! These cookies seem thick, gooey, and choco-licious. Those chocolates seem like such melty delight and we can see some sneaky mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches being concocted in the near future.

5. Spice Cake Mix+ Pecans

The solitary pecan placed in the middle of this cookie makes it so charming, and the spice cake flavor is wonderful for the holidays. Better for the oatmeal aficionados or those not into a highly sweet flavor.

6. Chocolate Mix + Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate peanut butter — always a combination in heaven. And these cookies are no exception. Maybe better, dare we say, with a dollop of peanut butter between two cookies. #staydecadent

7. Red Velvet Mix + White Chocolate Chips

Pretend you bought these at a posh bakery and no one will know the difference! Red velvet cookies with these white chocolate chips appear tremendously irresistible, and melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.

8. German Chocolate Mix + Pecans + Coconut Flakes

Also kind of fluffy, but cracked, creating for an unusual texture. Pecan and coconut lighten up the rich German chocolate, and this flavor will undoubtedly have depth.

9. Carrot Cake Mix + Coconut Flakes

A odd mix, but we think it’ll taste kind of like a moist morning glory muffin in the form of a cookie, or a carrot cake with a somewhat fruity twist!

10. Lemon Cake Mix + White Chocolate Chips

These look incredibly delicious, and the mild taste would go amazing with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Don’t worry, the chips add the proper amount of sweetness.

11. White Cake Mix + M&Ms

We’ve all tasted M&Ms cookies, but with white cake, your get the delightful satisfaction of cake batter + your M&Ms need. Watch out for rainbow teeth with this one.

12. Yellow Cake Mix + Toffee Chips

Yellow cake gives you that wonderful texture of birthday cake while you also receive an unexpected crunch from toffee! Play around with other crunchy toppings to your heart’s choice!


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