12 Best And Worst Summer Foods

The summer is that unique time of year when you have a big selection of fruits and vegetables to eat healthily every day, but there are also delicacies like ice cream sandwiches, sugary drinks full of calories and sugar, and a variety of other summertime staples you should avoid at all costs. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your eating habits, experiment with smoothies, make delectable fruit bowls, and simply take advantage of all the vitamins and minerals that come with fresh summer food. Here are the 12 best and worst foods for summer.

Ideally: mango

Mango is frequently referred to as the “King of Fruits,” and for good reason! Mangoes are acidic, pulpy, sweet, and refreshing. It makes the ideal foundation for delectable sweets and iced summer beverages. Mangoes also aid in digestion, increase immunity because of the vitamin C they contain, and support gut and eye health.

The worst: snow cones

On a hot summer day, eating a slushy snow cone could sound like a nice idea, but trust us when we advise that you shouldn’t approach this sweet treat. Shaved ice, a ton of sugar, and corn syrup are the main ingredients in snow cones. There is absolutely nothing positive about them! Choose a popsicle that is prepared from fruit juice instead.

Ideally, watermelon

Another excellent fruit for the summer that is a potent antioxidant and can be made into a number of delectable treats, such as delicious popsicles or chilly watermelon ice cubes, is watermelon. The only fruit that can replenish your water balance and hydrate your entire body is this one. Similar to water, but better tasting!

The worst: Hot Dogs

The World Health Organization claims that processed meats, such as those found in hot dogs, are just as harmful to your health as asbestos and tobacco. According to studies, substances present in sausage casings are the root cause of colorectal cancer. Much safer would be to eat a chicken breast sandwich!

Favorite: yogurt

When it comes to summertime treats, yogurt is the greatest choice. Its high protein content curbs cravings for salty and fatty snacks and keeps your stomach full for a long period. It is low in fat but high in probiotics, which support digestion and intestinal health. Yogurt is a fantastic base for your summertime smoothie because of how delicious it is when combined with fruits.

Worst: Ice Cream without sugar

Although this type of ice cream is sugar-free, the manufacturers fill it with so many chemicals to make it palatable or at least edible that you’ll need a week of detox smoothies to get rid of just one serving. While inulin, which is used in place of fat, promotes bloating and gas, sorbitol lowers the amount of water in your body and dries out your intestines. Better choose one modest dish of gelato instead of any sugar-free monstrosity on the market because it will be far sweeter and warmer.

Favorite: Muskmelon

Melons are a good source of vitamins A and C, which enhance your immune system and vision. Regular consumption of melons will also help your skin seem healthy and radiant while thwarting dangerous microorganisms. Eat a piece of muskmelon for breakfast or blend it into a fruit smoothie; both options are delicious!

Bottled iced tea is the worst.

Just skip it if it’s sweet, liquid, and on the shelf at the grocery store, just keep that in mind! This is a general guideline for summertime beverages including soda, juice, and supposedly risk-free selections like iced tea. Each one of them contains artificial sweeteners, which merely increase your need for sweets. Additionally, drinking the water that your body actually requires gets incredibly dull, and you do so more often than you should. Make your own iced tea at home with a little lemon and no sugar for a revitalizing impact.

Salads with leafy greens are ideal.

Dark leafy greens, like our favorite spinach and kale, are preferred above other types of leafy greens. They include carotenoids and vitamin A, which moisturize your skin and enhance its general health while shielding it from damaging UV radiation. To add more vitamins, mix it some carrots and apricots.

Ice Cream Sandwich, worst

You’ve probably observed that the majority of ice creams are not particularly nutritious and frequently contain substances that are detrimental to your health. The saturated fats in an ice cream sandwich, which makes up at least half of your daily caloric intake, are plentiful. Well, it’s absolutely OK if you don’t mind having more than two ice cream sandwiches per day.

Ideally, avocados

Avocados are fantastic in any way you look at them since they are a tremendous source of good fats. It is filling and will prevent hunger for a long time. It also has fiber, which maintains the health of your digestive system, and about 20 vitamins and minerals. It can help decrease cholesterol levels and has some pretty potent antioxidants. Just too good, really!

Charred meat is the worst

We’ve got terrible news if summer barbecues are your thing. For those of you who want to eat and be healthy this summer, charred meats, chicken, and fish are a big no-no. Chemicals that cause some types of cancer are produced when animal proteins are cooked at high temperatures. Add more grilled vegetables to your diet if you’re concerned about your protein intake. Proteins can also be found in grains, legumes, dairy products, and other foods.


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