12 Best Indian Desserts

Many people think of Indian food as being mostly curry-based. Even though it’s a tried-and-true staple, Indian food has a lot more to offer. We decided to focus on the various sweets that India has to offer today, and let’s just say that the ones we chose for you are the best and tastiest ones. There are many more types of Indian sweets available; these are just a handful that we chose.

1. Modak

Indian delicacy known as modak is sweet and is made using rice flour, coconut, jaggery, almonds, and spices. It resembles a delicious dumpling that has been fashioned in a very unique shape. Modaks are tasty whether they are steamed or fried; either method is acceptable.

2. Rasgulla

This sweet but healthy and protein-rich Indian dish is quick and simple to prepare. Rasgulla are essentially homemade cheese balls that are boiled in syrup for ten to fifteen minutes to make them sweet.

3. Basundi

Basundi A traditional dessert in many Indian homes, basundi is sweet and creamy. Condensed milk that has just been produced with saffron and nuts added for taste and crunch.

4. Kaju Katli

If you’ve ever visited India or even just an Indian restaurant, you’ve definitely seen Kaju Katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, all over the place. It is a tender cookie made with cashews.

5. Sooji Coconut Ladoo

A quick and delectable dessert made of milk, sugar, coconut, and sooji that has been roasted. You just need those components, but you can alter them and add something else to give them the flavor you choose. These are very well-liked at gatherings.

6. Doodh Peda

Doodh Peda is a dessert that can practically be prepared in the microwave because to how simple it is to prepare. To make the base, you’ll need milk, milk powder, ghee, and sugar. After that, you just need to shape them and add nuts for decoration.

7. Carrot Kalakand

An Indian form of carrot cake that incorporates cheesecake is called carrot kalakand. Ricotta cheese, condensed milk, and carrots make up the majority of the ingredients. Since it contains carrots, it must be healthful as well as tasty and sweet.

8. Mango Shrikhand

You will adore this dish if you enjoy frozen yogurt. Mango puree, yogurt, cardamom, and sugar are the ingredients. Mango Shrikhand is typically served chilled, with crushed nuts added for extra crunch and texture.

9. Mango Coconut Burfi

For fans of mangoes, another pleasure. Mango and coconut tastes are combined to make the most delectable fudge ever, Manco Coconut Burfi. Additionally, it just takes 20 minutes to prepare and will fill your home with a delightful tropical scent.

10. Carrot Halwa

You might think that carrot halwa is strange-looking, but we assure you that it is excellent. Your life will never be the same after you try a spoonful of it, even if it’s neither a cookie nor a cake. It’s a divinely-sent delectable pleasure.

11. Kulfi

Kulfi is a frozen treat that resembles ice cream but is more creamier and richer than you may expect. Condensed milk is used to make it, and pistachios, mango, cardamom, and saffron are frequently added as flavors.

12.Soan Papdi

A distinctive Indian delicacy called soan papdi has the fluffiest texture that melts in your tongue and leaves a mouthwateringly sweet flavor. Although it’s not simple to make, we wholeheartedly urge you to do so if you get the chance.


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