12 Best Mulled Wine Recipes To Make This Winter Warmer

On a cold winter day, is there anything better than a warm cup of mulled wine? I believe that there actually isn’t. It’s the ideal balance of flavors—sweet, sour, and spicy—that will warm you from the inside and brighten up the long, gloomy winter days. I had previously believed that there were only two varieties of mulled wine: red and white, but it turns out there are actually dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to make it, and each one is wonderful and delectable in its own right. And in case you’re curious about how to prepare any of these numerous varieties of mulled wine, I’ve conveniently compiled a list of the top recipes from all over the world and the internet for you. Enjoy!

1. Mulled wine with holiday spices

This incredible recipe for mulled wine will not only make your heart happy but also fill your house with the spicy scent of cinnamon.

2. Mulled orange wine

One of the simplest mulled wine recipes is this one. You essentially don’t need to prepare it; just combine the ingredients and place them in your slow cooker.

3. Mulled cider with apple and blackberries

You must try this mulled cider if you prefer cider to other beverages. It tastes like a cross between sparkling cider and mulled wine. It tastes great and is fruity.

4. Mulled Wine Prepared Two Ways

Try both of these mulled wine recipes if you’re not sure whether you like red or white better. Sometimes you can have both without having to make a decision. especially during the holiday season.

5. Tea and Mulled Wine

Are you typically a tea person? Try this spiced tea with mulled wine. It changes the game. After experiencing this, you won’t want to drink regular tea again, at least not during the winter.

6. Mulled White Wine

Having white mulled wine is a treat. This particular mulled wine has orange juice and honey in it, making it sweeter than the typical red mulled wine. So you can be sure that it will be enjoyable.

7. White spiced wine prepared slowly

This recipe will be right up your alley if the previous one piqued your interest. It’s a spiced mulled wine that simmers while you’re engaged in another activity and, with a little garnishing, takes on the appearance of a proper fancy cocktail.

8. Cranberry Orange Mulled Wine Prepared Slowly

What is the best feature of making mulled wine in a slow cooker, do you know? It doesn’t overheat, it doesn’t boil over, and it has a chance to fully take in the flavors of the fruits and spices you’ve added. This one is just delicious.

9. Spicy Apple Cider Sangria

This hot mulled apple cider sangria is one thing you absolutely must try before the year is over. It has the ideal ratio of red wine and apple cider, apples add a hint of tartness, clementines and honey add the right amount of sweetness, and it is finished with a dash of rum.

10. Spiced Apple Sangria

Although this recipe requires some work, it is well worth it. This recipe will win your heart if you enjoy pears. It’s that good, I assure you.

11. Brazil’s Mulled Wine

With a generous portion of ginger and sugar, this Brazilian take on mulled wine will undoubtedly give you the kick you desire. The ratio of sweet to spicy is perfect!

 12. Nordic Glogg

You must try this recipe if you want to try authentic Swedish mulled wine. It’s a tough one, so New Year’s Eve is the ideal occasion for it. Glogg, which means glowing ember, will keep you warm on the chilliest nights.


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