12 Eastern Spices For Glowing Skin

Stop squandering money on high-priced skincare items and masks that promise effects but deliver none. Some of the most beneficial nutrients to hydrate your skin and restore its radiance are concealed in your cupboard or nearby grocery shop. Here are the top spices for both internal and external inflammation reduction.

These components can be incorporated into recipes and sprinkled on food, or you can make a paste out of them and water to use as a mask. They all have advantages that will give you more years and clear, compliment-worthy skin, whether they are consumed or taken internally.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric, the main ingredient in those pricey golden milk lattes, has a ton of health advantages, so you should incorporate it into your regular routine as soon as possible. Turmeric, the original anti-inflammatory spice, contains curcumin as its main active component. When ingested, it can also ease joint pain.

2. Cumin

Looking for an affordable anti-aging solution? Take the healthy Indian spice cumin, which goes great with vegetables and is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. Even more than that, this spice cleanses and detoxifies your wonderful skin. For a failsafe mask, some individuals even incorporate it with turmeric.

3. Fennel

If you have sensitive skin, fennel is a good component because of its distinct licorice flavor. If you’ve had too much sun, you might want to consume fennel or make a toner out of it. You can accomplish this by spritzing fennel seeds that have been soaked in a cup of water all over.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon may work wonders for the skin on the rest of your face as well. Some individuals apply cinnamon on their lips to give them that naturally full appearance. Cinnamon brings blood to the skin’s surface and promotes faster blood circulation, which improves skin breathing and clears acne. Start by applying lip balm for Penelope Cruz’s quick lips!

5. Nutmeg

Another common spice found in desserts like apple pie and French toast, nutmeg is naturally antibacterial and aids in moisturizing skin while minimizing the appearance of skin irritation. However, you could sprinkle over fruit instead of using processed sugar. It improves the appearance of skin and even helps fade acne scars. Although it exfoliates your skin naturally, nutmeg also moisturizes the top layer.

6. Ginger

Nothing can revitalize your skin quite like the spicy touch of ginger. You can boil this root in water and use it as a face toner or make a ginger tea to minimize blemishes and brighten the appearance of age spots. Its skin-brightening, mineral, and antioxidant properties are nothing short of miraculous.

7. Chamomile

Tea aids in our ability to sleep and has a green, slightly sweet flavor. Did you know that this anti-inflammatory component can also disinfect skin, heal wounds more quickly, and minimize redness in exchange for bright skin?

8. Black pepper

Black pepper is useful for heating up food since it has a somewhat spicy flavor similar to ginger. Heat has the power to loosen things up and is effective against even the most tenacious blackheads. As a blackhead-removing mask, grind it and blend with a tablespoon of yogurt.

9. Coriander

The calming and cooling properties of coriander seeds make them ideal for your skin. Your eyes may appear whiter, which would increase your attractiveness to anyone. For brighter eyes and calmer skin, soak coriander seeds in only fennel for the entire night.

10. Burdock root

Burdock, a plant native to northern Asia, is sometimes dismissed as a bothersome weed that grows in undesirable locations, but it actually has incredible health advantages that may treat everything from eczema to flaky skin and psoriasis. The root should be boiled, steeped for a bit, and then used as a warming beverage or a skin tonic to let the magic work.

11. Garlic powder

Perhaps the aroma isn’t the most seductive for at-home spa treatments, but this nutrient powerhouse is packed with cysteine, an amino acid that supports healthy skin and hair. Applying topically encourages hair growth and even stops hair loss!

12. Peppers

Despite not being a spice, peppers—from cayenne to chili—are a potent aid in achieving beautiful skin. Combine them with salt, olive oil, and a grinder to exfoliate your skin. Although it will make you feel warm, stay away from delicate places. Consuming this dish high in vitamins C and A can also promote glowing skin.


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