12 HIIT Workout Moves For Bad Knees

Everybody wants to work out hard and feel good about themselves, but sometimes weak joints get in the way. High-impact activities are fantastic for our hearts, but many people can’t perform the jumps, runs, or abrupt direction changes that others can due to physical limitations like knee, ankle, or back issues. Here are several techniques that don’t compromise safety for power.

1. Burpees modified

Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your arms overhead. Then, press your hips back and squat down until you are in a low squat posture. Next, walk your hands out to a high plank position. then complete a pushup (or knee pushup depending on mobility). Repeat for 45 seconds, then walk your hands back to the squat.

2. Back row and double side steps

Start by standing up straight with your arms out in front of you. Put your arms behind you and take two steps to the right. Repeat on the left side, kicking off movement with the inner thighs and abdomen. By finishing sets sooner or taking wider steps, you can up the intensity.

3. Running on one leg

This cardio exercise will improve coordination in addition to fat burning. As you begin, lunge forward with your right foot and back with your left leg and keep your right arm and left arm in front of you. Then, while your arms swing in opposing directions, bend your left knee and rapidly put it in front of your hip. After 30 seconds of repetition, switch sides and advance the other leg.

 4. Slam And Squad With The Medicine Ball

Start with holding the medicine ball over your head. As you forcefully crash it to the ground, flex your pelvic floor and core muscles. To pick up the cushion, crouch down, stand back up, and repeat the motion. Due to core control, this difficult move requires a lot of strength and will rapidly make you gasp for air.

5. Skater who is seated

Use this core-focused thigh/butt blaster to mimic the side-to-side skating motion. Put your feet hip-width apart to start. Then, bending both elbows, push your right arm forward and your left arm back as you move into a side lunge while bending your left knee and maintaining your right foot pointed. Staying in a squat, alternate your legs and arms while fast skating side to side for 45 seconds.

6. Sitting Jump Tucks

Lean back slightly when you sit on the edge of a stable, durable ox or chair. Bend your knees to about 90 degrees while keeping your abs taut. Hands in front of shoulders, elbows bent, toe lightly pointed to the floor. Sit up straight and pull your legs in while you quickly raise your knees and tap your thighs with your hands. After 45 seconds, quickly repeat the movement from the beginning. Instead of the lower, emphasize the raise.

7.  A windmill Step

Stand straight with your feet together and your arms at your left hip. Next, raise your arms aloft in a circle from left to right while bringing your left leg back behind your right leg to form a curtsy. On the other side, reverse.

8. Russian twists

Another fantastic approach to get an HIIT exercise without using your knees is to concentrate on your upper body. Lean back while seated on the floor until your abs are engaged. Holding onto this position, rotate from one side to the other while keeping your heels flat on the ground.

9.Front Kicks

As you stand, space your feet hip-width apart. In a combat stance, bend your arms in front of you. Kicking forward while raising the right leg up and slightly bending the knee. Put this foot down before putting the other one down. As you finish each 30 second set, keep your speed and intensity constant.

10. Army Crawl

Start in a plan posture with your feet together, shoulders over your wrists, and continue until your body is straight. You should first bend your left arm into a full forearm plank before bending your right arm into the same position. Lift your left hand, place it on the mat beneath your shoulder, and push through the palm to push yourself up. When you reach the top, push back into a full plank and rest your right palm on the floor just below your right shoulder. Repeat.

11. Swimming

A fantastic high-intensity workout for anyone with knee or back issues is swimming. It gives you a cardiac workout without making you perspire, which keeps you cool. Some of these exercises can even be done in a pool for increased knee protection and resistance. Swim two sets of laps as quickly as you can, pausing between sets.

12. Sitting Wall Squats

Stand with your feet either hip-width apart or in a sumo squat, your back against the wall, and your hips aching. Move down the wall while bending your knees gradually until you are seated, then hold that posture for as long as you can. Remain abs-engaged. Although sluggish, this exercise is an excellent way to work every muscle group in your body in between sets.


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