12 Homemade Body Scrubs For Gorgeous Glowing Skin

We’re all looking for strategies to get our bodies looking terrific as summer approaches. We have plenty of time to get in shape and lose weight, but when it comes to having healthy skin, we’re a little pressed for time. It will get warm enough to quit wearing tights and start exposing some skin in a few weeks. We decided it was about time to show you some wonderful DIY scrubs that you can create at home because we all want our skin to look smooth, shining, and radiant. These smell wonderful and will also exfoliate your skin.

1. Lemon Body Wash

You only need sugar, olive oil, lemon, and honey to prepare this scrub. Your skin can be exfoliated and made to seem smooth and moisturized with just four chemicals. And did you know that lemon can help your skin naturally lighten? If the skin around your elbows and knees appears a little darker than the rest of your body, this scrub is a perfect choice.

2. Cubes of violet sugar scrub

These could contain a few components you don’t typically keep on hand, but you have to admit the end product is worthwhile. These scrub cubes are simple to create, and you can make a number of them at once and store them in the bathroom to always have some on hand.

3. Sugar Scrub with Chocolate

After using this body scrub, you’ll think it tastes good enough to eat. It is indeed edible due to the ingredients used, although it smells far more appealing than it tastes. We therefore highly recommend this body scrub if you adore chocolate and want to smell like your favorite dessert while also taking care of your skin.

4. Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub in Whipped Form

This aromatic and light body scrub is excellent for hydrating and exfoliating. While grapefruit and mint in this scrub will help you wake up and give off a fresh, pleasant scent, the coconut will soften your skin. It’s the ideal body scrub to use before a morning shower.

5. Sugar Scrub with Blueberry Jam

The fragrance is exactly as it sounds, yes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to slather themselves in blueberry jam? Maybe that’s just me, but hey, give this body scrub a shot before you pass judgment.

6. Peach Bellini Sugar Scrub

Yes, the theme is clear; each of these body washes sounds like a decadent dessert. Then what? It’s not exactly a horrible thing. Once you apply this peachy sugar scrub, you won’t want to skip a day because it is soothing enough to use every day.

7. Body Scrub with Blueberries and Lemon

This body scrub smells amazing, does wonders for your skin, and has a stunning appearance. It will be difficult to resist eating it, but you should resist because essential oils should only be applied topically.

8. Scrub with pink lemonade sugar

Making this body scrub is quite simple, and because it looks so adorable, you might as well make an additional jar to give to your closest friend. It’s a traditional sugar scrub, but since branding and presentation are so important these days, we also thought to include it.

9. Sugar Scrub with Orange and Clove

This smell surely belongs in the fall or perhaps in the winter. However, if you enjoy warm, spicy scents, this will undoubtedly become a favorite for you. You’ll feel better about yourself and smell like a delicious cookie afterwards.

10. Body Scrub With Basil And Lime

There is no need to search any farther if you want a cooling scrub. This recipe with basil and lime is perfect. Really, this combination is perfect. Additionally, because this scrub contains only fresh ingredients, you can be sure that it will smell great and won’t cause any adverse responses.

11. Rosemary Lemon Body Scrub

Here is another tangy and zingy combination that will energise and revitalize you as you soak in the tub. Your senses will be awakened by the aromatic scents, and your blood will be brought to the surface by the sugar scrub, giving your skin an extremely dazzling appearance.

12. Mojito Sugar Scrub

After a hard day at work, this scrub really does smell like a good, refreshing mojito. However, this is absolutely guilt-free, hangover-proof, and beneficial to your health.


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