12 Jewelry Trends Everyone Will Be Buying This Summer

At this moment, we are all accustomed to the delicate everyday jewellery. All we see are tiny earrings, tiny golden chokers, and the occasional exquisite gold bracelet. Recently, layering a few delicate necklaces together may be the most people have dared to accomplish with their accessories. However, everything is about to change. Summer 2019 jewellery trends feature large, vivid, and statement-making pieces. If you enjoy being the centre of attention and adore big accessories, your time has come. They are bold and striking. Here are 12 pieces of jewellery that everyone will be purchasing this summer.

1. Big Hoops

Although hoops never really went out of style, there is always a small difference between what is hip this season. In the 1980s, they were large and vibrant; in the 1990s, they were slender and gold or silver; and it appears that for summer 2019, enormous gold hoops will be in style.

2. Shellfish

Seashells are the trend that most screams summer. They were everywhere on the spring and summer catwalks. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other items made of seashells. They can be massive and bold, worn on a necklace, real ones or gold ones, and there is a huge variety. You’re sure to fall in love with a seashell accessory.

3.Statement Cuffs

In recent years, ear cuffs have always been simple and elegant. Something to complete the style, give it a little character or edge, but never the main attraction. The bigger, the better, ear cuffs are receiving the attention they deserve this summer.

4. Swarovski Crystals

This summer, crystal tassel earrings are making a big comeback. You will look more stylish the more bling you can acquire. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to wearing only earrings. Necklaces and bracelets made of dripping crystal are also excellent choices.

5. West-Eastern Feathers

Feather earrings are becoming more popular this summer and were prominently displayed on the spring/summer catwalks this year, so they’re no longer simply for festivals. Wear them with pride and enjoy the trend while it lasts because you never know how long it will last.

6.Contemporary Pearls

Pears have this reputation of being something your mother or grandmother would wear; they’re elegant yet traditional and conventional. Forget about that, though, because the pearls are getting a new lease on life; they are no longer just a string of pearls, thanks to their contemporary designs.


For summer 2019, chains have dominated the fashion scene. Hip-hop or rap artists are no longer required to wear a large chain necklace. They’re back and bigger than ever; for this season, consider truly enormous industrial chains.

8. Statement Necklaces That Are Layered

This summer is all about large, bold, stunning jewellery, as we indicated at the beginning, but it turns out you don’t even need to choose just one statement necklace. Feel free to add more; models have been observed piling them on runways.

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9. Modern chokers

This summer, chokers are still popular and becoming more bizarre. At fashion shows, we’ve seen everything: huge, vibrant, heavy metal, some with bling, some with ribbons, some with pearls, golden ones. So select one and go with it.

10. Extra-large hearts

Don’t you think that this trend of giant heart jewellery is extremely reminiscent of the 1980s? Big golden heart necklaces and huge bejewelled heart earrings are only two examples of the gigantic heart jewellery that the biggest designers and fashion houses are pushing.

11. Arm shackles

Although we haven’t seen arm cuffs in a while, it appears like they could be making a comeback. You may have seen a handful of these snake arm cuffs if you watched the fashion shows in New York, London, or Paris.

12.layering chunky bracelets

A significant trend seen in practically every fashion show for the 2019 spring and summer is huge cuff bracelets worn in layers. We’ve seen everything from large hefty stones to elaborate cuffs covered with crystal and diamonds, including golden bangles.

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