12 Most Memorable Taylor Swift Outfits

Taylor has been a celebrity for more than ten years, and while we’ve seen our fair share of style alterations and stage attire, we like the advancement. We decided to concentrate on the most recent years rather than bore you with a chronology of her style from the start of her career to the present. Let’s take a look at Taylor’s Reputation Stadium Tour stage ensembles, as well as her outfits for the red carpet and elsewhere.

  1. They say that not everything that glitters is gold, but they’ve never seen Taylor Swift in a bodysuit made of glittering gold. She is the best! A beautiful finishing touch is the pink cape. At the AMA Awards 2019, Taylor looked strong yet delicate and feminine. It’s obvious that she is an expert in her field. Look at all those distinctions.

2. Taylor wore this vibrant, fringed costume at the iHeartRadio Wango Tango performance in Los Angeles. We adore the tie-dye, the vivid colours, and the profusion of fringe. It appears to be a lot of fun and gives any dancing moves Taylor might perform on stage a dramatic flair.

3. We make the promise that not every look will feature fringe, but it’s difficult to choose just one when Taylor’s wardrobe is filled with so many excellent fringe gowns. One of our favourites from The Reputation Stadium Tour was this red fringed outfit.

4. This embellished sequin jacket is evidence that you can look incredibly stunning even if you perform for 90% of your concert in the rain provided you wear enough sequin (like it happened in Sydney, Australia).

5. Is it correct that you need to strike a dramatic pose when wearing such a nice outfit? Well, Taylor just considers it to be another stylish outfit from The Reputation Stadium Tour. We adore the asymmetrical cut, the silhouette, and the beaded accents that resemble armour in some ways.

6. Taylor wore this outfit to the MTV Music Video Awards red carpet in 2019. The striking jacket looked fantastic with the knee-high black boots.

7. The same day, she wore this dress to appear on stage. Stunning shorts and blazer in royal blue, with a gold bustier and golden booties. Quite the badass.

8. Taylor stunned in this gorgeous Raisa & Vanessa lavender dress with frills and matching lavender heels for the 2019 Billboard Awards.

9. She performed alongside Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco) to kick off the Billboard Awards, and their matching stage attire was flawless.

10. Speaking of the Billboard Awards, Taylor’s blush-pink gown from that year, which included stunning embellishments, was to die for.

11. Taylor was stunning at the 2021 Grammy Awards with her floral dress, and we adored the matching face mask.

12. Finally, here’s a very appropriate 2020 costume Taylor posted on December 31, 2020, just for laughs. She wrote “bye 2020, it’s been weird” as the caption, and isn’t that accurate?

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