12 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas To Rock This Spring

In the last ten years, rainbow hair has essentially become fashionable. It used to be something that only alternative youth would have the guts to try, but nowadays, shocking people with bright hair is passé. This is probably for the best. It’s good to be able to have colorful hair without it being a huge statement or a method to rebel against anything, and you no longer need a valid excuse to go crazy with your hair colors. After all, rainbow hair has become more than just its name. When we refer to rainbow hair, we no longer mean genuine rainbow colors. It has evolved to be used to describe a haircut that combines several vibrant or even pastel hues. Additionally, there are now so many variations on rainbow hairstyles that you can pick one that suits you. The appeal of rainbow hair is that you can choose the hues that complement your skin tone the best, and it looks fantastic on hair of different textures and lengths. Check out 12 rainbow hair color suggestions for this spring.

1. Colorful Pastels

If you’ve never tried rainbow hair, going full-blown could seem a little too extreme, but I think everyone would agree that this pastel variety is just mellow enough for beginners. It’s adorable and fun without being overly overt.

2. Oil Spill Rainbow

Oil slick is a rainbow hair variety that is ideal for people who enjoy blue and purple tones and, as an added benefit, it looks great on black hair, so you don’t even need to go blond. It’s also a fantastic option for people who currently have silver hair but wish to add some color.

3. The Secret Rainbow

If you don’t want to be the focus of attention at all times, this rainbow hairstyle is ideal. When you put your hair up in a ponytail or a half-updo, this concealed rainbow enables you to stand out, but when you wear it down, you can look more ordinary.

4. Cold-toned Pastel Colors

Cold toned pastels are arguably my favorite rainbow hairstyle variation. I believe the ideal hair color for spring is one that is blue or purple because they just look so enchanted. Okay, you may also put a little pink to this. Don’t you believe that your hair will go well with every spring dress you own?

5. Rainbow Roots

Rainbow roots are a creative new approach to rainbow hair. By doing it this way, you merely bleach and color the tips of your hair, giving the impression that your natural root is sprouting rainbow-colored hair. For those of you who are naturally blonde but prefer dark hues, it’s a fantastic way to liven things up. The most entertaining approach to conceal your origins would be this.

6. Only Top Layers

You may use considerably more imagination with the rest of your hair if you decide to merely dye the top layers of it in rainbow hues. Both dark and light colored hair would complement this style of rainbow hair, and silver will, of course, look stunning as a background hue.

7. Rainbow Dip Dye

The best option available is rainbow dip colored ends. You don’t even have to surrender all of your hair; instead, you get to appreciate the wild colors and experiment with different tints. Even if it doesn’t wash out and fade into hardly perceptible pastels and you change your mind, you can always snip the ends off.

8. Rainbow Bangs

If you own a bag—or a fringe, as the British like to refer to it—you might be getting a little tired of having to style it consistently. Why not make it more colorful? There is really no reason to hold back from trying out rainbow bangs because they look equally beautiful with both pastel and natural hair. Only your bangs can be colored back at any moment.

9. Rainbow Curls

When I said that rainbow hair looks excellent on every hair length and thickness, I was referring to this. My humble opinion is that curly rainbow hair looks even better. No matter how tight or huge your curls are, it’s just a lot more playful and fun.

 10 . Rainbow Undercut

A single undercut is no longer all that interesting. But if you add a rainbow, it becomes like a breath of fresh air. It looks very good to me when you incorporate different geometric forms into it.

11. Bright Bob

On lobs and bobs, rainbow hair also looks fantastic. If you don’t want to go completely rainbow, you can merely do the ends or the underside of your hair. In either case, the outcome will be breathtaking and unquestionably impressive.

12. Rainbow Prism

Prism hair is one of the newest trends in rainbow hair. To create the illusion that your hair is catching light through a prism, you should only color small areas of it. Who needs Snapchat or Instagram filters when hair dye alone can create this effect over time?


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