12 Reasons Little Women’s March Sisters Are Your Style Inspiration

We are aware that trends come and go, but who knew they would go back so far? Just as we were settling into the 90s and dipping into the 80s, Little Women sparked a wave of 1860s fashion that quickly took over our heads and, as a result, our closets. It’s difficult to determine who came first: Little Women’s brilliant costume designer Jacqueline Durran, or the fashion runways that featured some of her 1800s-inspired creations. In any case, prairie dressing is back and we are all huge fans. The timing of the movie’s global premiere is kind of ideal because we still have an entire year ahead of us and can utilise the magnificent outfits in the film as inspiration for our 2020 attire. The March sisters from Little Women are your style inspiration for the following 12 reasons.

1. They are adaptable. Because the March sisters have various traits, worldviews, and personalities, which are represented in their style, there is something for everyone.2. Given that all the March sisters wore them despite having different fashion senses, eyelet collars can look exceedingly beautiful on any silhouette.

3. Boots with laces are functional and keep the prairie theme from becoming overdone. Today, you can replace them with a scruffy boot or a Doc Martin to give a flowery frock a cool look.

4. Although basket bags might seem a little odd to bring to the office, they are perfect for picnics and beach days. Plus, there are many contemporary-looking basket bags that yet have a prairie-style aesthetic.

5. As Joe demonstrates, velvet vests look amazing on females even if hers is intended for guys. Velvet is the chicest-looking material you can wear in the colder months.

6. When you’re already wearing a long dress, the traditional billowing sleeves for prairie dresses may seem excessive, but you can always choose a blouse with the same sleeves and wear it with jeans for a more contemporary look.

7. The best approach to look attractive and feel comfortable at the same time is to wear prairie clothing. Just consider it. Every form will look good in long, flowy dresses that only have structure at the waist.

8. If you wanted to, Beth’s more free-spirited aesthetic might fit in at Coachella. Isn’t her entire attitude of not wanting to be trendy so hipster that it hurts still applicable in 2020?

9. Everything Amy wears is so opulent and traditionally feminine that you could wear it to a nice function with ease. However, we have a feeling that some of you would cheerfully dress in satin shoes and silk gloves every day.

10. Meg’s fashion is ideal for folks who favour a more sentimental and nostalgic appearance. We can’t help but swoon over her clothes, and her colour scheme in the movie is #goals.

11. If you prefer a more understated appearance with fewer frills, more button-down shirts and structured coats, but still with a great skirt that will make you feel comfortable, Joe is your fashion inspiration.

12. Finally, although this film is about the March sisters, Joe proves throughout the film that menswear can be worn and still look fantastic. Try on anything Timothee Chalamet’s character wears, and then be honest and tell me if it doesn’t make you feel like a style icon.

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