12 Reasons You Need To Be Rocking Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold cosmetics is a chic yet modern new trend that is simple for anybody to wear and is dominating in 2016. The appealing, metallic tint is semi-neutral and resides in a gray area of the cosmetics world (in the best manner imaginable), making it easy to wear on a wide range of complexion tones. See the explanations for why you should start wearing the current beauty trend right away.

1. It has a girly, tough look. Both the boho rocker girls and the pretty-in-pink girls benefit from this. You can choose a harsh or soft look.

2. It seamlessly transitions from day to night thanks to its subtle glows and variety of hues, from blazing gold to pink. You no longer need to carry a gloss and a deeper tint for the evening. No, this classy appearance will serve you well all day.

3. Rose gold is a terrific transitional metal if you want to go metal but are still hesitant about the daring style. a fashion that transforms cosmetics novices into self-assured goddesses.

4. It enhances the natural beauty of all skin tones, even if you have very pale skin. It gives the face a subtle dimension similar to that of bronzer.

5. It functions as both cosmetics and a highlighter, which makes us swoon and our wallets swoon too.

6. This color is really flexible if you choose to wear neutrals or bolder designs. You may pair it with a striking animal print or go completely monochrome and still earn attention.

7. You’ll appear cooler than Kylie with rose gold matte lipstick, and even non-makeup wearing women can rock this look.

8. Because a rose gold smokey eye will make you appear like the most dang delicate fairy to ever live and is less dramatic and frightening than a charcoal one.

9. Due to the unparalleled beauty of rose gold manicures. Everyone will be staring at your nails as the sun catches that copper’s sparkle. Other metallic hues could come across as childish, but this subtle look will make your talons sparkle unlike anything else.

10. Because there are so many color options, rose gold may look great on both warmer and cooler complexion tones. Your face will still appear to have a gorgeous sunset on it thanks to the gold and pink tones.

11. By utilizing the hue to highlight your cupid’s bow and offer you an enticing pout, they can make your lips look like the voluminous Angelina Jolie lips. Additionally, choosing a neutral tone gives you the ability to pass for naturally glowing.

12. It makes you look like a monochromatic bronze goddess who has matched her jewelry and cosmetics without coming off as a garish drag queen or anything from the 1980s when you wear it with gold rose jewelry.


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