12 Things That Used To Be Trendy But Have Completely Lost The Hype

While some trends last forever, the majority become passing fads in fashion. The idea of what is “in style” is constantly shifting, so many items from past decades seem, well, ludicrous when compared to what is current. These are the tackiest fashions that were formerly deemed to be the hottest look around, ranging from conservative to too revealing ones.

Scarves on scarves 

Scarves had a significant era in the past, both indoors and outside, regardless of the weather. These scarves frequently clash with clothing because of their bold statement colours and patterns like stripes and polka dots. These days, they’re viewed more as a warm-weather or neutral-complementing item than as something that stands out.Outdoor waist up portrait of young beautiful woman posing on street. Model looking aside, wearing stylish hat, sunglasses, scarf, holding small bag. Sunset. Female fashion. Copy, empty space for text

A surplus of pockets on the pants

This was a problem for all types of baggy pants, which were popular from the 1980s through the early 2000s, but cargo pants suffered the most. They gave everyone the appearance of weighing more than they actually did and were the antithesis of stylish. The worst were JNCO jeans. These extra pockets weren’t really used, but they were formerly thought to be cute.

Man wearing cargo pants with suv car parking in the nature park

Shorts, skirts, or dresses with leggings

Today, quite a few people would find this combo peculiar. These items can look a little disorganised and crowded when worn together because they are typically worn alone these days or with tights. Leggings are a separate trend right now!Fashionable curly hair woman look with in puffy coat, black leather leggings, tiger pattern skirt posing at modern urban stairs. Concept of fashion girl.

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Leg warmers

When fitness gurus and actresses like Jane Fonda frequently donned these distinctive items of leg wear, they first gained popularity in the 1980s. Despite being intended for actresses, many girls and women wore them with sneakers, boots, and flats. They were widely worn with leggings and vibrant colours. Several people even wore them on their arms!

Layering lots of bracelets

Today, all you need is one bracelet, or at best a few simple bangles. However, women used to wear a huge variety of bracelets, sometimes with a similar design and sometimes with completely different styles. This accessory was all the rage once, from chunky monstrosities to silicone wristbands.

Hair feathers

Even though having hair extensions is widespread today, few ladies wear feathers in their hair. These nature-inspired hair decorations were worn in the hair by models, celebrities, and fashionistas alike a few decades ago, but more contemporary styles have since taken their place.

Netted/mesh clothing

Back in the day, this design was a method to mix textures and seem punk rock. Mesh shirts, dresses, sleeves, and other apparel that looked like nets were popular examples. However, they were difficult to maintain and easily came apart. These outfits would be categorised as beachwear just today.

Bandana shirts

Bandana tops were unquestionably popular in the 1990s, but tube tops and sleeveless shirts continue to be reinvented in fresh ways. They may go nicely with those baggy pockets jeans and showcase a belly ring, so why wouldn’t you wear them? Many girls also paired them with low-rise jeans for an unflattering look.

Wedge sneakers

Everyone owned a pair of wedge sneakers in the middle of the 2000s, but they aren’t exactly at the top of the fashion world’s popularity list right now. They were a comfortable alternative to heels for adding height while preserving the sneaker aesthetic. But nowadays, other styles of running shoes or clunky throwback sneakers are more prevalent.

Stylish trucker hats

Do you recall the craze that was Von Dutch hats? They were intrusive, unsightly, and costly. But these hats never made a reappearance; instead, they gradually disappeared. Almost everyone who has owned one of these will admit to being ashamed of it.

Furry boots

When it’s cold outside and everyone just wants to be warm, they may have a pair of Uggs, but it’s rare to see a pair of furry boots, which gained popularity around the same time as Moon Boots. Back then, Snooki made them fashionable, and oddly enough, other celebrities also rocked this unusual fad.

Platform flip-flops

When the Spice Girls were deemed important, platform flip-flops became trendy, and if you grew up in the 1990s, you undoubtedly owned a pair. They looked ludicrous and were a painful formula for an ankle sprain.

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