12 Unexpected Things You Should Be Doing To Your Eggs

We still don’t understand a lot about eggs! This list is for you if all you’ve ever cooked is a plain fried egg. Or perhaps you love eggs and can’t live without these delectable treats. If so, this list is a favor from God. In any case, anyone can experiment with various egg recipes; you don’t need to be a chef. In fact, a child could attempt some of them because they are so ridiculously simple. But don’t be fooled by these egg tricks’ apparent simplicity; each one will result in dishes that are unbelievably delicious!

Soft-boiled seltzer eggs

Your cocktails’ airy texture is the same thing that gives your eggs an amazing, light-as-air texture. For two eggs, all you need is a tablespoon of seltzer, and you’re good to go! The complete recipe is available here.

In broth, scramble eggs.

Poaching your eggs in stock or broth will give them an extra flavor boost. Compared to simply using plain water, it is so much better!

Your fried eggs are poached.

Have you ever considered cooking eggs in boiling water to make them scrambled? You got it right. Your meal will be the yummiest you’ve ever had, and your eggs will be floating on the water’s surface in ribbons! This is the complete recipe.

them in red wine to poach

Your eggs will not only taste deliciously new, but they will also have an incredibly unique (and mouthwatering!) appearance. One of the quickest ways to make your egg dish taste and look absolutely regal is to poach the eggs in red wine. Simply give it a shot! This is the complete recipe.

Put up egg clouds

A fairly old trick that many of us have forgotten is eggs de vaux. A perfectly runny yolk and an insanely fluffy omelet are simple to make. Simply whip the whites separately before incorporating the yolk. You can now proceed if you can cook! Here is the complete video.

fried poached eggs and bread

Isn’t everything better when it’s fried in a pan? The flavor of anything, including poached eggs or dumplings, will change significantly! Deep fry your poached eggs after dipping them in bread. It’s done! See the video for more information.

Cook a delicious omelet soufflé.

Just give it a try, but whipping your egg whites can really improve the omelet. You’ll get an omelet that is airy and ribbon-like and tastes completely unique. Here is a video that demonstrates how to do it.

sour eggs

Have you ever considered the wisdom of pickling eggs? Most definitely not. However, this recipe claims that it can be completed quickly and that you only need 5 ingredients to transform ordinary eggs into these lovely creations. Worth a shot, I say!

Eggs are fried in hot oil.

When cooked in water, poached eggs are kind of ideal, but when cooked in an oil-filled fryer, they are ABSOLUTELY perfect. They’ll turn brown, get crispy, and taste amazing! All the details are covered in this video.

Brulee the eggs.

Have you ever considered burning soft-boiled eggs? Yes, you can without a doubt! And you should, as the novel texture and caramelized flavor elevate ordinary eggs to the level of a gourmet treat. Here’s how to go about it!

cured eggs

What happens if you salt and sugar leftover yolks? Something incredibly tasty! You can grate them or sprinkle them on top of pasta to give any dish a buttery flavor. They also look fantastic! With this recipe, you can make them with ease.

Omelets in bags

Yes, boiling an omelet in a bag is a good idea, despite how crazy it may sound. It’s an easy way to quickly make an omelet that tastes a little bit different from everything else you’ve ever tried. Just carry out these actions!


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