13 Cooking Tricks From World Class Chefs

When we start to cook we attempt to memorize certain simple skills which will allow us to cook anything. Sometimes, it is worth looking at your culinary habits from a different point of view. People who have made cooking their life have some basic ideas and tricks on how to make your life easier. Let’s look at those cooking hacks that everyone should employ!

1. Oversalted soup

One of the simplest ways to undo over salting is to incorporate dry rice wrapped in a cheese cloth into the soup. This will absorb extra salt and make your soup taste fantastic again. Alternatively, you can put a raw potato in your soup. Just don’t forget to get it out since it can ruin the taste of your soup preparation.

2. Tough beef

If you don’t like tough beef soak it in mayonnaise to make it softer. While it may appear unusual, it will not be detrimental to the taste of the meat. Avoid using vinegar or lemon as it may change the taste totally.

3. Dish taste

If you are worried that your food may lose its taste and richness before it is served, make sure that you serve hot dishes on hot plates and cold dishes on cold plates. This will help you to convey the taste in the most finest method.

4. Separate egg yolk and white

While there are various gadgets on the market for this task, one of the finest ways is to use the egg shell itself. If you are worried that you may be clumsy, using a tiny water bottle can do the work. With a bit of practice you will accomplish it in seconds!

5. Perfect mash potatoes

To make the perfect mash taters (not only by taste but also by presentation) consider adding components of the same temperature. While butter can simply melt, milk will need to warm (or perhaps be cooked) to give the mash a rich color.

6. Best ice cubes

For your wine or alcoholic cocktails consider using frozen grapes instead of ice to cool them. You may also incorporate fruit and mint into your ice molds to make interesting combos. Additionally, you can use ice molds to blend oil and fresh herbs to use next time while you cook.

7. Cooking wine

If you want to cook with wine, you can freeze wine blended with different spices and herbs as a rapid assistance to your cooking. That will save the time measuring and maybe opening a fresh bottle in the future.

8. Save veggies

The easiest approach to preserve greens is to make sure they are cooled all the way through and can breathe. Avoid keeping lettuce or broccoli in plastic as it speeds up the decaying. Consider covering vegetables in foil or tea towel to absorb any additional moisture.

9. Reheating pizza

Instead of heating your pizza in the microwave or waiting to heat it up in the oven with extra water, use your frying pan. This will preserve it crispy and at the same time will not be too dry if you use the cover.

10. Mayo replacement

If you don’t have any mayo but have some sour cream you may easily transform it into great the salad dressing or dip. Adding herbs and sliced garlic will be fantastic for your salads, adding some mustard make it work well as a dip.

11. Smell killer

Sometimes your chopping board or skillet could smell of fish or onions that you cooked the night before. One of the techniques to erase the scent is to use some more vinegar with water. It will not only neutralize the stench but also remove any grime.

12. Keep bread fresh

Adding an apple to your breadbox will make your bread fresh longer. Avoid keeping bread in any form of plastic packaging, use some paper bags instead. If you have too much bread left, just put it in the freezer.

13. Crispy fries

Your fries will taste better and will turn out crunchier if you dry excess moisture with a paper towel. Otherwise, you can microwave them for couple minutes and then fried.


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