13 Pilates Moves To Burn Fat And Get Your Dream Body

Pilates is excellent because you can practice it on your living room floor while watching reality TV and avoiding that sweet burn. Try these exercises at home to experience the fat-burning effects of pilates without having to join a gym. You’ll start to see a difference, and eventually you’ll have a sculpted, lean figure with improved flexibility.

1. 100 pumps

Raise your legs at a 45-degree angle above the ground while lying on your back on the floor.
With your hands standing at your side, brace your core, lift your shoulder blades off the floor, and perform brief, powerful pumps. Return to 45 degrees, tuck your knees into your chest, and then repeat. includes some cardio as well!

2. Pilates Curl

Put yourself in a crunch posture on your back, but instead of crunching, slowly curl your chin towards your chest and raise your shoulders all the way off the floor. After holding for one breath, softly come back down. Lift from the breastbone to properly activate the abs and avoid crunching your neck, which can stain your muscles rather than tone them.

3. Reverse

This is essentially a more difficult variation of the curl, which can evolve into the rollup, in which you totally fold your body over after performing a full pilates curl. Along with obtaining a great stretch, you use more muscles for a longer period of time.

4. Single- and double-leg stretches

Begin with your knees raised up to your chest, followed by parallel shins on the table. Holding the knee that is being dragged in with your hand, extend one leg to a 45-degree angle and draw the other toward your chest. Every other exhalation, switch legs. Once both legs are extended to a 45-degree angle, this can develop into the double leg stretch.

5. Leg Turns

Laying on your back, raise your legs straight in the beginning. Make circles or semicircles with your legs; the tighter the burn in your glutes and thighs, the smaller and more controlled the movement. Perform synchronous circles with both legs after reversing the circles halfway through the workout.

6. Plank

Stretch out your body into the push-up posture while standing on your forearms. Draw your belly button into your spine and maintain a neutral spine while standing as straight as you can. To strengthen your upper body even more, attempt a full plank and then descend to your forearms in the manner of an army crawl.)

7. Corkscrew

When performing this exercise while lying face-up, alternately switching the orientation of the circle midway through each rep while keeping both legs firmly joined. an improved variation on leg circles. This kills two birds with one stone since it really tones and burns your lower abdomen and legs.

8. Teaser

the best belly-flattening product. Lay down on the ground and raise your hands above your head. Take a deep breath out and tuck your chin. Roll your upper body off the floor while simultaneously rising your arms and legs into a v position. Reverse slowly until you reach your starting position, then continue.

9. Shears

Lay face up. Lift your shoulders a little off the ground by curling your upper torso up. Lift your right leg 90 degrees and lift your left leg 1 inch off the floor while facing the ceiling and putting your hands to your ankles. Pull your right leg twice, then change legs. Keep your head down and gently bend your knees to help make this a little easier.

10. Jackknife

On your back, with your arms by your sides and your palms facing down, lie down. Open your chest while pressing your ribcage downward as you press the backs of your arms onto the mat. As you extend both of your legs upward, push your back into the ground. Bring your legs over your head until they are parallel to your upper body and your feet are over and behind your head using your abdominal strength and your planted arms. Exhale, and lift your legs as high as you can to become as parallel to the ground as you can. Repeat the process by going back down vertebra at a time.

11. Ron de Jambe’s Side Kick

fantastic butt and thigh exercise. Your feet should be slightly in front of your hips and your heels should be together while you lie on one side with your legs extended and stacked on the floor. Put your hands behind your head, then straighten the opposite leg. Before raising it to the starting position, turn it in a circle in front of you, then behind you. Change legs.

12. Shoulder Bridge

Keep your shoulder blades and palms firmly planted on the floor while you lay on your back. Put your feet in close proximity to your sit bones. Squeeze your core and glutes together as you quickly rise up, scooping deep and clenching your glutes. Beginning slowly with your upper back and finishing with your trail bone, roll back to the ground. Repeat.

13. Open Leg Rocker

Roll into a ball and extend the legs while maintaining balance. To scoop them and round your back, contract your abs. Roll back to your shoulder blades by exhaling. Exhale to roll back to the starting position after taking a pauseful breath. Great exercise for the upper abs and the entire core.


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