14 Gorgeous Wedding Dress Colors That Totally Stand Out

What picture comes to mind as soon as you hear the phrase “Wedding Dress”? Something white, I’ll bet. Most of us grew up believing that white or perhaps off white is the only colour option for a wedding dress. The conventional solution is that. However, more and more brides these days are choosing their wedding dresses based on their personal preferences and what they believe looks nice, rather than how one would typically imagine a wedding dress to look. We’ve all become accustomed to less conventional wedding dress silhouettes; you don’t often see those enormous, poofy ones. It’s all about enhancing the figure and choosing a style that flatters you over a conventional shape. There are now lengthy trains, mermaid tails, and even adorable little wedding gowns; the lengths have also evolved. So why not also experiment with colour?

1. Blue

That’s how it goes, right? Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. So why not wear a blue wedding gown? Blue wedding gowns have a very whimsical, Cinderella-like appearance that isn’t very extreme in terms of hue.

2. Blush

It seems sense that blush has been a popular wedding dress colour over the years. It differs yet is still just barely neutral. A blush-colored wedding gown can appear incredibly elegant and fantastical. This is a fantastic option if you want to appear like a princess from a fairy tale at your wedding.

3. Red

Red is the colour of choice if you want to make a bold statement. Such a striking hue will undoubtedly leave an impression. Additionally, if your dress has a lot of lacy elements, vivid red is great for showing detail. It can also make even the most simple dress look regal.

4. Floral

Contemporary floral wedding gowns are so adorable and flirty. Perfect for adding some colour and making you feel like a woodland fairy. Imagine how beautiful floral wedding attire would look at an outdoor ceremony in the park or on the sand. Floral wedding attire is ideal for spring weddings.

5. Green

Who would have thought that greedy wedding gowns exist? But look at how stunning they can be. Finding a nice, vibrant green colour is crucial. Although finding the ideal mint green wedding dress can be difficult, mint wedding dresses are still a fantastic option.

6. Grey

Grey clothing can look surprisingly sensual and feminine. Many people don’t consider grey as a wedding dress option because they believe it to be a dull color, but take a look at what a gorgeous option it can be.

7. Tan

Tan gowns are ideal for beach weddings because they are designed to look stunning in the sun and enhance a lovely tan skin tone. If you want something classic and traditional but not white, it’s also a nice neutral option.

8. Yellow

It is ideal for summer and fall weddings. Go for warm colours to make you and the entire wedding feel more cosy and warm because choosing the right shade can alter the entire mood of the event.

9. Pink

Although not everyone can pull off a full pink wedding dress, adding pink accents or even just making the skirt of your gown out of pink tulle can give your outfit and your wedding day a more carefree and youthful feel.

10. Nude

They make everything appear classy and sexy. You’ll be surprised at how stunning you’ll look wearing a dress that practically matches your skin tone because it will draw attention to all of your best features.

11. Lilac

Even though purple is a fantastic color, it might be too much for a wedding dress. However, there is a way to get away with it by going with a more pastel option. Lilac is the ideal choice if you love pastel colors. It is exquisite and delicate. Any season and any weather will make it look good.

12. Black

Not exactly a colour associated with weddings is black. However, if you simply adore black or want to adopt a gothic theme, go ahead. These days, there are so many options for black wedding dresses that you’re sure to find a great one.

13. Gold

A wedding dress in gold will stand out without a doubt. Depending on the style of wedding dress you choose, you might even resemble an Oscar, but the guy should know that you’re the biggest and most significant award he’ll ever receive. And it’s your wedding, so it seems appropriate, don’t you think?

14. Glitter

Who doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle? The most festive outfit you can wear is this one. Even though there aren’t many occasions where a full glitter dress is appropriate, your wedding is unquestionably the perfect occasion to go all out and embrace the glitter and sequins if that’s what your heart desires.

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