14 Small Makeup Tweaks That Transform Your Face

Many people use makeup every day, but finding the perfect look can occasionally seem like a huge waste of time and energy. Even the smallest adjustments can sometimes make a huge difference if you want a high-end look but are feeling lazy. Learn these helpful hacks to up your cosmetic game right away rather than spending money on a brand-new, pricey line of products to achieve that look.

1. Make a strong brow.

A strong, polished appearance will be yours in no time, even without any makeup. Filling in sparse or uneven brows with a pencil can have a more dramatic effect than you might imagine. If possible, purchase brows that are one shade lighter than your natural brow color to avoid an extreme change.

2. Apply lip liner

When lipstick bleeds outside of the line, even the most expensive lipstick can appear cheap. Did you know that you can use a thin layer of lip liner instead of lipstick to give your lips a fuller appearance? Purchase a lip liner that is either slightly darker or the same tone as your lip color.

3. Exercise your cheekbones

The right highlighter can change everything! Get a highlighter that complements your skin tone and run it from the hairline to the highest point of your cheekbones. Instead of blush, which can make you look older, this adds a youthful, fresh glow.

4. Extensive lashes

Forget about using heavy eyeshadow; using mascara to lengthen your lashes will make your eyes appear brighter, wider, and more alert. Apply a thin layer to prevent clumping.

5. Replace brushes with sponges

The bad news is that, in contrast to bushes, which can be cleaned on a weekly basis, sponges absorb bacteria and other germs. Surprisingly, brushes work well for concealer and foundation, especially kabuki brushes. If you do use a sponge, try to limit its use to one-time procedures.

6. Highlight your lips with lip gloss.

Your upper and lower lips will appear larger if you apply a small amount of highlighter to their centers. All you have to do to get Kylie lips right away is switch out lip gloss for liquid highlighter, which is a tried-and-true beauty tip.

7. Green primer to combat fading

Individuals frequently experience skin discoloration. Tinted face primer can work wonders if it has a red undertone from having too much fun. Try looking for one with a green tint, which actually neutralizes those reddish undertones and gives your skin a more even appearance with or without foundation.

8. Avoid using pressed powder.

A lot of women follow foundation by applying pressed powder. A superior option? Instead, use a setting spray or a makeup-setting powder. This will seal your appearance just as effectively and give shiny and greasy problem areas a matte appearance. Adding a drop of setting powder to your regular foundation is also an option.

9. Use lip gloss to cover lipstick creases.

Do you struggle with lipstick’s unevenness and cracking? Applying a lip gloss in a similar shade over dry looks will prevent them. Your lips will appear more full-bodied and juicy than ever thanks to the extra shine.

10. Purchase eyeliners in various colors.

People tend to believe that adding more makeup will make their eyes appear more dramatic, but the key is actually changing the colors to produce a different effect. If you want to soften the look of black eyeliner, choose gray instead. Use brown eyeshadow to create a smokey eye.

11. Use white liner to brighten your eyes.

White eyeliner is what you need if you want to look rested but need to pretend that you had a full night’s sleep. For a more energized appearance that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a lot of makeup, dab it at the corners of your eyes. If you want to avoid using concealer under your eyes, this hack is incredible.

12. Buy a lip exfoliator

No matter what lip product you use, it doesn’t look good when applied on top of dry, chapped skin. To ensure that your product goes on easily and stays on, be sure to buff off any dead skin on your lips with a lip exfoliator. Even at home, using coconut oil and brown sugar or rock salt, you can perform this task.

13. Test on the neck rather than the arm to get the right foundation.

Choosing a foundation that is too light or dark for your skin tone is the worst makeup mistake you can make. It’s been recommended to test colors on your neck rather than the inside of your arms because your face and body can sometimes have different tones as a result of sun exposure.

14. Prevent matte

Avoid going matte if oiliness is a problem! Skin (especially mature skin) may become more lifeless and dull as a result of this error. Always choose fluid, sheer cosmetics that add sheen and moisture.


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