14 Thoughts You Think When You’re Being Ghosted

When you’re dating someone, and all of a sudden they just start ignoring you, entirely erasing your existence from their lives without so much as a polite notification, you’ve been ghosted. Ghosting is a very impolite activity, and there has been an increase in it, particularly with the popularity of online dating, where people are limited to left and right swipes. These are the many stages, and in either case, being on the receiving end of it can be a trying experience.

1. The inescapable initial step of denial: perhaps he is sleeping, exceedingly busy, or that he lost or smashed his phone just as he began ignoring my Facebook messages.

2. Perhaps I damaged my phone. My texting must be malfunctioning in some way. despite the fact that they all state “delivered”?


3. For the past two hours, why have I been searching for nonexistent clues on his Facebook page? *Slowly examines each woman tagged in his social media pictures*

4. It’s possible that he has feelings for me and is just being coy. I used to think that only obnoxious girls did that. I suppose guys can be obnoxious too.


5. The gradual realization of acceptance: Okay, he has the guts to enable his read receipts, and all of my Facebook messages have the “seen” status, so I guess this is actually occurring. neither a phone in the gutter nor any bizarre deaths.


6. This won’t happen to me since I’m not ugly enough. Are my looks too good for this? He cannot be cuter than me.

7. Was he motivated by my lack of attractiveness? Or perhaps it was my personality that lacked luster? * All assurance vanishes, and ideas turn into a swarm of uncertainty.


8. If we cross paths, this will be the worst thing that has ever happened. I now have to spend the rest of my life as a single woman avoiding this one moron and need to dress up every time I go out so that when he sees me, he realizes what he’s been missing.

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9. Do I need to use Tinder again? Dammit. There are so many disgusting guys and awkward pick-up lines to experience again. Looks like I already got one who ghosted me, so on to the next potentially wicked suitor! Swipe dating often results in meeting some terrible people!

10. Then the periods of acceptance and insecurity begin to be overtaken by wrath. How can I just accept it and go on? I’m entitled to an explanation. What sort of monster would do this?


11. After some moping, apathy begins to take hold. I’ll never find the solution I’m looking for, and I’ll never be able to let this ridiculous event go. Learning how to handle and neutralize problems for your own well-being without depending on anyone else to do it for you is kind of a wonderful lesson.


12. I wouldn’t do this for a friend. I now see why I wanted to dump guys because it’s quite crazy to be the one getting the shaft.

13. I suppose technically it’s a good thing he ghosted me because this experience pretty much proves that I’m still cool and he’s an ass. I deserve much better, after all. Confidence levels gradually equating.


14. It’s okay to be angry and to let your anger go. But this will undoubtedly assist you in getting back on the market and locating a person who appreciates your worth. Enjoy your single, unfettered existence while you can because it won’t continue forever. In any case, ice cream dates are more thrilling.