15 Hailey Bieber Beauty Looks That Are Serious Inspo

Formerly known as Hailey Baldwin, Hailey Bieber is no stranger to celebrity. She was after all born into a family of established celebrities, her modeling career took off quite early, and her romance and marriage to Justin Bieber only served to increase her notoriety. She literally grew up on the red carpet, so she is well aware of the value of having a distinctive style. However, it’s noteworthy to note that Hailey Bieber doesn’t really have a signature look. Over the years, she’s experimented and tried a variety of looks, and we think she pulled them all off well. Speaking of beauty, she has frequently revealed her beauty regimen in interviews, but it appears that soon she will introduce her own brand of cosmetics named Bieber Beauty; otherwise, why would she have applied for a trademark?

1. The striking red lip and warm eyeshadow look she donned in the beginning of her modeling career. What a fantastic pairing.

2. What a kickass beauty look: the effortlessly stylish platinum blonde bob and matte red lip. She also looked quite cool in her all-black attire and leather jacket.

3. If you’re Hailey Bieber, bronzy smokey eyes, sun-kissed complexion, and a stylish French braid are truly all you need to dazzle folks at a posh event.

4. Despite being so straightforward, this black eyeshadow look had a big impression. I adore the cat-eye effect despite the full lid appearance.

5. Recall Hailey when she was a brunette? She may have changed her mind and gone back to being blonde, but this Met Gala look was so stunning and beautiful that we couldn’t help but call attention to it.

6. She looked quite stylish in the outfit she chose to don for the “Mission Impossible” premiere. The vivid red matte lipstick complemented her bronzed, dewy face and subtle eyeliner well.

7. Is there any appearance Hailey cannot pull off? In our opinion, no. An updo with these amazing curtain bangs is such a beautiful appearance. We adored how she kept her makeup dewy but straightforward, using only a delicate pink lip and coordinating blush.

8. Hailey’s 2015 appearance at the Beverly Hills gala featured a dark red lip and lengthy lashes that gave off a slightly vampy feeling, but in the greatest manner imaginable.

9. Even if you’re simply sporting a ponytail that day, adding a dark nude lip and a little highlighter to the proper spots may really make a difference in how you look. Also going above and beyond are long eyelashes.

10. This look is what we like to refer to as Hailey’s sparkly goddess moment. For the iHeartRadio Music Video Awards, that dress, that untidy top knot with the long bangs, and the stunning bronze makeup look were ideal.

11. Do you agree that this appearance can only be characterized as being somewhere between innocent and regal? In 2016, Hailey did a superb job of pulling it off during Milan Fashion Week. The makeup look is subtle but defined, the lipstick colour is ideal, and the headband accessory is ideal. She appears to have just exited the runway.

12. Hailey looks great even when she hardly wears any makeup. This is what we would consider casually stylish. You’re finished with a low bun, some highlighter, and eyebrow gel.

13. On someone else, this dark and dramatic lip could have looked quite goth, but on Hailey, it merely gives her edgy look at the 2018 BRIT Awards a little more punch. We adore how she slightly darkened her brow to match the lips. Little things can make a big difference.

14. One of our favorite outfits she wore to the 2018 Met Gala was this adorably feminine spring ensemble. Just look at how adorable the flower crown and pink hair are. Additionally, the makeup looks so beautifully new. It’s amazing how well the lip color complements the hair.

15. There are a ton more outfits Hailey has worn that are noteworthy, but we’d be here all day. Let’s finish it off with this stunning video from the 90th Academy Awards. These eyeliner flicks are flawless.


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