16 Things You Can Do To Tell If A Guy Is Your Soulmate

There are times when someone enters your life and there is an instant bond between the two of you that makes you feel as though you were destined to meet. You’re still seeking for a sign, but you’ve found someone who genuinely gets you and accepts you for who you are. Here are some telltale signs that your crush is the real deal.


1. When you are most exposed to the world, you are at your most frail and vulnerable. Instead, you should be honest with that individual and allow them to support you when you’re weak.


2. When you’re around them, you’re not slouching in your comfort zone. They push you to grow personally by forcing you to face your anxieties and self-expand. Although it could be frightening, this shows that someone truly loves you.


3. They’ll treat you like a beauty queen competing in a contest even if you’re eating a dirty burrito in front of them. And since you already know they believe you’re a goddess, you don’t even give a damn about looking cute.

4. When you’re finally together, you can’t keep your hands off each other or stop telling each other about every single aspect of your day. Spending a day apart feels like spending a month.


5. You will care for them and ingest their nasty germs even if they have the worst, most contagious illness ever because you love them more than your own immune system.


6. When you run errands with your lover, they don’t feel like errands at all. They make you giggle and feel naturally light, making monotonous tasks like going to the grocery store or even filing taxes feel less irritating.

7. When you’re messy, just out of the shower, au naturel, wearing his t-shirt and sweats, that’s when he’s most smitten with you.

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8. You may tell him anything without holding anything back; the same goes for him. (Body processes included.)

9. Being with someone else is unimaginable. Even when that handsome, six-foot-tall glass of water passes by and smiles at you, all you can think about is what you’ll do to bae when he comes home.

10. If they were your sole “home,” you wouldn’t be afraid to move elsewhere for them because the location doesn’t matter to you; they are the only spot you want to return to at night.


11. As long as you’re with them, it doesn’t matter how your night turns out—whether you’re eating at the fanciest restaurant in town or chowing down on some lo mein while binge-watching your favorite program on Netflix while curled up on the couch. Better than dining at a five-star restaurant with anyone else is a Netflix night with them.

12. You both feel at ease in silence. They might not be the one for you if you feel awkward while you’re alone together.


13. They are able to comfort you in some circumstances while also giving you some tough love and pushing you.


14. The idea of spending the rest of your life with him thrill you rather than fear you, and the remaining years of your life feel insufficient to spend with him.

15. You two can communicate without using words; for example, if he tucks his hair behind his ear, you know he’s unhappy, and if you tap your foot in a particular manner, he knows it’s time to calm you down.


16. The connection is strong. This occasionally results in heated arguments, but people don’t argue passionately until they are deeply in love. There is no passion if there is nothing to argue over. But even when you guys argue, you always manage to find peace.