17 Reasons The Woman Should Make The First Move

Making the first approach can be daunting for women since society doesn’t exactly support it and because it seems to call for a natural ease and confidence that many women are afraid they couldn’t match. Although it could be challenging at first, the payoff might be quite fulfilling and could make you glow with sexy confidence from the inside out. Here are several justifications for grabbing life by the horns and approaching him.

1. You’ll become more self-assured. Go for it even though you desire a man who is assertive enough to make a move since he probably wants a woman who is equally assertive. It gives you a lot of power;)


2. However, that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t want to ask you out just because they lack confidence! You making the initial move can help open that door because they might only need a little prodding.


3. You’re a strong, independent woman, so if he rejects you, it will help you realize more quickly that he is unworthy of you. Why be vague when it would be better to be regretful than to wonder?

4. Once you show interest, he thinks that perhaps you might be into it and would be prepared to treat you like a goddess. He might have believed he was out of your league at first and not even regarded you as an option.


5. Because it gives you power over the circumstance. How bad is it when an obnoxious or sleazy guy won’t stop chatting to you? In this manner, you have a choice. Make the first move to ensure first refusal and see which seductive suitor tickles your fancy.


6. Due of how awful games are! You probably won’t even end up dating because she is a pain in the neck and unappealing to guys. The best course of action is honesty, and it’s a huge turn-on.

7. Because this is the twenty-first century! Women are no longer regarded as a prize that must be earned and courted. You should take part in the revolution that overthrows this oppressive mentality because it is oppressive.

8. You might lose out on beautiful guys because they are shy. You never know who might be itching to chat to you but unsure of how to start the conversation.

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9. Asking him out on a date demonstrates that you’re not afraid to make decisions and that you are in control of your life. It demonstrates that you pursue your goals in life, love, work, and other areas because you won the #badbitch contest.

10. Because taking charge of your own happiness and choosing to be active in your life rather than passive is a wonderful feeling.


11. You should step outside your comfort zone. Being an independent woman means taking risks in life. Overcoming anxieties not only feels wonderful, but it also helps you feel more at ease and less anxious in future social situations.


12. Even if you believe you’re being obvious, guys can be blind. You could think you’re acting thirsty and desperate, but this dodo might just think you’re just blinking your eyelids too subtly.

13. Because, in the traditional approach, boys always ask girls out. Why not try it? Being distinctive and standing out from the crowd will get a guy’s attention and be a huge turn-on.


14. It demonstrates your directness, directness, and spontaneity. It’s far more enticing than the entire “playing hard to get” thing for guys to date an adventurous girl who isn’t afraid to take the lead.

15. Sometimes a guy won’t approach you because he believes a friend, brother, or coworker is your boyfriend. Therefore, you must show initiative and inform them that you are not being taken.

16. Because by doing this, you are removing the stigma associated with it and serving as an example to other women. You might be the one to inspire a buddy who is madly in love with a guy but is afraid to ask him out!

17. Because it’s boring to wait for life to happen. Start slaughtering dudes with your great game and embrace the “carpe diem” mentality!