18 Things That Happen When Your BFF Is Dating A Jerk

You may begin to enter unfamiliar and uncomfortable ground when your best friend dates a man who is unworthy of her. It might be challenging to know when to be honest and when to stay within limits when she is seeing someone who, in your opinion, is a loser. However, you will always fiercely defend her and what is best for her.

1. You greet him with a smile when you first meet (just out of respect of not embarrassing your girl). While trying to figure out how to be honest with her without making her angry, you hardly pay attention to the discussion you’re having.

2. However, as you are the only person who truly knows her, she will also despise you if you lie to her. After dinner, you bring up all of his shortcomings and hope for the best.

3. When he checks himself in the mirror or acts particularly douchey, you make sure he notices you glancing at him critically. You are not infatuated with this joker, thus you are most surely not deaf to his bluff.

4. You make sure to emphasize all the qualities of your incredible BFF that you find admirable while he is present, with the veiled suggestion that he should check himself and feel the same way, especially if he has a tendency to be like her.

5. You may judge her new boyfriend since you are protective of her and aren’t too easy on the guy (without being a jerk to his face). She might not be focusing on his more significant shortcomings since she is falling for him. Everyone else will feed her nonsense, so it’s your responsibility to be genuine and honest.


6. You reassure her that everything will be okay and declare his goodness. On the other hand, you are supporting her because she is the only person standing in the way of her own blindness brought on by love because you are watching his every move and are already aware that he is a jerk.

7. Instead of telling her the truth, which is that he is a lousy person in general, you reassure her that he forgot to text her back and was extremely busy.

8. Even if you’re extremely busy, you book some one-on-one dates with your best friend to clarify the situation and ensure that he hasn’t already brainwashed her.

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9. You told her that she deserved better, but you didn’t say it in a patronizing way. However, perhaps seize some occasions to persuade her to break up all contact with him.

10. Be prepared for an earful every time you inquire about how things are with him. Even though you already know he’s the worst, you still need to pay attention to her since friends should offer advice, and if you don’t, she’ll get upset with you.

11. You’ve seen far too much of his Facebook. more than you like to acknowledge. When you’ve been snooping alongside her, searching for needy women and suspicious activity, or when you’re just looking out for her and obnoxiously perusing all of his social media accounts, searching constantly for a reason they should break up.


12. If they are fighting and run into each other, and your friend is scared and mortified, you take the initiative to make him feel worse than she does by using vividly hateful, feminist language that will cause him to crumble in front of everyone. She will be forever grateful to you for stepping in when she froze.


13. When she fights, you devour her feelings alongside her. Watch crappy reality TV and consume endless amounts of Ben & Jerry’s. And chocolate sauce-dipped Lays.

14. You will make that best friend date the best date she has ever been on, complete with an IMAX movie, ice cream cake, and tickets to an amusement park, if he forgets a birthday or an anniversary.


15. In addition, you are continually coming up with reasons why you can’t hang out with the guy as a pair, aside from the fact that he makes you want to rip your eyeballs out of your face when he talks, necessitating these one-on-one dates.

16. You accompany her to the club and reassure her that while she is beautiful and the supermodel bartender unquestionably wants to take her home, she could do a million times better.

17. No matter what occurs, you never say, “I told you so.”

18. But when you learn they broke up, you still feel the concealed joy of a kid in an endless candy store.