19 Disturbing Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Relationship

There are some warning signs in your relationship that you may not even be aware of. It’s possible to become so ingrained in your relationship’s routine that you rarely stop to consider whether it’s actually functioning. The following are some terrible realizations that, if you’re in a relationship, may indicate that it’s time to end things with that individual.

1. You stay away from conflict. This implies that rather than being prevented in the beginning, tension and issues will build up and then explode in the worst way possible.

2. Your partner holds others accountable for their issues. That occasionally includes you. By assigning blame to others, you are attempting to divert attention away from your own problems and refusal to accept responsibility for them.


3. They focus on your areas of poor self-esteem, boost you, and then position themselves as the solution. Cornering is a terrible approach in a relationship.

4. They are incessantly needy and clingy. And they are extremely dependent and want attention. They are unable to be independent, and they do not want you to be. The couple cannot develop together if they do not develop separately. It’s not good if you hang out with that individual all the time.

5. The other party desires to alter you. The worst kind of controlling is this. Instead of trying to understand you and empathize with you, they just want to control you and shape you into the person they want you to be.

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6. You negatively influence each other, or one of you negatively influences the other. Whether it’s overindulging in alcohol or spending time with the wrong crowd, you should be boosting rather than deflating each other’s spirits.

7. You guys aren’t being truthful to one another. When they receive a text message from you and decide not to respond, your partner hides them from you and displays suspicious behavior. Even if the truth is difficult to hear, lying in a relationship may only result in pain.

8. Your significant other makes you feel less valuable than you really are. If you don’t feel valued in that relationship, go. You should feel like the most important thing in the world to them. Your partner is there to help you feel beautiful because you deserve it.


9. They won’t give in to your demands. Or you won’t make an exception for them. The relationship is doomed from the beginning if it’s “their way or the highway.”

10. Because you’re in a comfort zone, you think you’re just with that individual. If you notice negative cycles happening repeatedly and you ignore them, or if you are simply “satisfied” and continuing the relationship out of convenience.

11. You’re afraid to refuse. Either you feel like no one will listen to you, or you feel that your feelings will be ignored. Fear of “No” is a sign of generalized fear.


12. You two keep arguing about insignificant issues until it becomes crystal clear that there is a bigger elephant in the room. Numerous minor disputes are a sign of something bigger.

13. You’re exhausted emotionally. You’re simply worn out from this connection. It’s more tiring than rewarding, and you start to feel down and worn out as a result.

14. You have no faith in them. Your objectives are irrelevant to them. They make an effort to manage and direct your life toward their goals. It’s risky when someone else has authority over your aspirations since it takes control of your own desires away from you.


15. You feel uncomfortable confiding in your lover. They don’t listen to you or don’t appreciate what you have to say, especially when it involves a delicate subject.

16. When they chat to other girls, they try to make you jealous and act like a doormat. Or, on the other extreme, they become extremely envious of you. You feel like your guy is often simply being possessive because you aren’t allowed to chat to other males. Another warning indication is if he doesn’t want you to spend out with your pals.


17. They give other things, like job and weekends with the lads, a higher priority than you. AKA, they don’t really care about you.

18. You two have split up multiple times. There must be a reason for your frequent breakups.


19. They wish to keep your romance private. If you aren’t proud of your partner and don’t want to shout it from the rooftops, this could be a sign of infidelity or other dubious behavior.