19 Secret Thoughts A Guy Has When He First Sees A Woman

When boys encounter an attractive woman in the street, they immediately want to know what she is contemplating. What is going through their minds? Is she more of a tomboy or a girl? She’s too attractive for me, taken, or just flirting with me. These are a few of the unsaid feelings that men have when they first glimpse a lady.

1. Will she instinctively shut me down or is she approachable? He can infer this from the way you walk, how you make eye contact, and how you hold yourself.

2. Is she giving me a look? Or is she gazing at her friend who is standing behind me, a structure, a sexier man, etc.? Guys want a good response, so if a girl is acting clingy or not into him, he will notice.

3. Describe what she is wearing below her clothing. He will attempt to determine whether she is innocent or somewhat more edgy and whether her underwear suggests the same. Hey, not every thought they have has to be so good!

4. He is interested in her line of work. This stunning badass—does she practice neurosurgery, write fiction, or work in the fashion industry?

5. He checks for a ring on her finger. A wise man will avoid married and unavailable terrain by turning his gaze away from a lady who is already in a committed relationship and attempting to interpret indicators that she is single.


Her eyes. The cliché “the eyes are the windows to the soul” applies here. However, if they’re sexy on top of it, it doesn’t hurt and they can occasionally be a good indicator of someone’s energy.

7. Her hair color. While some men are intensely attracted to brunettes, others are weaker in the blond or redhead department.

8. He considers her lips. If their lips appear tender or chapped, he will picture what it feels like to kiss them.

9. He’ll notice her grin right away—a smile has the power to make a man fall in love. Additionally, boys believe that sincere woman are the ones they should keep because if you have a genuine grin, you probably are too.


10. He attempts to evaluate her fashion! This is surprising, but not because they are passing judgment or determining whether you are a cheapskate; rather, they are attempting to determine your personality and the kind of person you are from it.

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11. He’ll be able to see how confident she is by the way she carries herself. A girl’s brilliance will be apparent if she conducts herself with dignity since guys are drawn to them. She can slump and appear to be running away from the world rather than facing it, which are signs of low self-esteem.

12. Her stature. A guy may be secure in himself if he is making positive eye contact with a girl who is taller than him. While some guys enjoy the diminutive women, some have a penchant for taller women.

13. He’ll ponder whether she’s beyond his reach. Sometimes a girl’s extreme beauty can backfire against her, frightening the male into turning away because he assumes she won’t be interested in him.


14. Does she smell at all? When she walks by, he will smell her. Does she have on some disgusting cotton candy body spray? Or is it the fresh perfume of laundry or the seductive aroma of jasmine? A woman’s perfume can reveal a lot about her personality, including whether she is more low maintenance and rustic or more high maintenance and grislier.


15. Her hair’s thickness. A girl’s health is reflected in her hair. All boys dream of wrapping their hands in a girl’s hair and feeling it, and the more luxurious the locks, the better.


16. Alternatively, does she have false hair extensions? Also, a lot of makeup? A girl who has a lot of false makeup, hair, and other body parts comes out as high maintenance, self-conscious, and fake.


17. Has she injured people in relationships more deeply, or was she the one who caused harm and started breakups? This is a result of a deeper need to defend oneself.


18. Does she resemble a brief fling or a one-night stand more? Or will she be a good wife that your family will adore and with whom you can spend the rest of your life?


19. Does she have a materialistic, gold-digging appearance? Will she leave me hanging if I don’t give her money, or does she care about supporting me and fostering my emotional development?