2022 Fashion Trend Ranked From Worst To Best

Every year, weird and new fashion trend emerge; some are recycled and updated, while others are, shall we say, more innovative. That’s an homage to your sticky existence, plastic pants. The worst to the greatest 2018 fashion trends are listed here.

Belt bags

Fanny packs are once again in fashion trend, and individuals wearing them don’t seem to mind being made fun of. Even famous people are seen wearing this very awkward dad outfit. Although useful, we like a good clutch.

Small Bags

Compared to the fanny pack, are these worse? It is disputable. This purse, which is a step down from a clutch, appears to be designed for a Chihuahua. Rihanna looked amazing, but we’re sure she had help carrying the rest of her gear. Please use something that is easier to utilize.


There is plastic fashion trend in some way. For spring 2017, Topshop produced clear Moto pants along with what they dubbed “Clear Knee Mom Jeans.” Bloggers advise wearing it as a decorative piece as opposed to a formal attire.

Shells of Puka

Yes, this fashion was made famous by the burnout losers of the 1990s, and they are now making a comeback on the runway. No less than by Louis Vuitton! If this horrible tendency continues, we will completely give up on life.

Father Sneakers

High-end design labels have begun producing enormous, cumbersome dad sneakers this year that are evocative of athletic shoes from the 1980s. It’s quite ugly-chic and Steve Jobs-esque, yet celebrities adore it! Tennis shoes with platforms are one thing, but wearing stylish clothing while wearing middle-aged men’s shoes is quite another.

Small sunglasses

a terrible homage to the 1990s, notably The Matrix. On some faces, this appearance doesn’t look proportionate. Remind us of nostalgic fashion memories we’d rather to forget, to be honest, yet some people still like the ’90s look!


The Pantone colour of the year is proof that ultraviolet is in. While a splash of colour in a gloomy year is appreciated, we’re not sure we want to be bold in this shade of purple because it makes us think of old lady church hats. On a blouse or purse, though, it might be adorable.

The tracksuit

Particularly, the slim tracksuits. Every year, this lounge-ready ensemble manages to reinvent itself, and it has become a Kardashian vacation classic. Velour and patterns seem to be back this year! We’re not arguing it because it’s comfortable.

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