4 Homeless People With More Style Than You

Even while we frequently link being stylish with being wealthy, it doesn’t have to be that way. If anything, these trendy homeless folks are proof that you can look fly even when you don’t have a buck to your name. Style is basically something you either possess or not, and money has really nothing to do with it. Don’t believe us? Well then have a look at these 4 hobo fashionistas. They can surely teach you a thing or two about looking terrific on a budget.

1. Rosy, Lithuania

This woman’s name is Rosy and she’s roughly 80 years old. She’s been homeless for a while and has been roaming the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania for nearly 30 years now. As you can see, the fact that she’s homeless and poor doesn’t stop Rosy from developing her own style, and dressing herself in colourful attire. She’s become sort of renowned for her costumes in Vilnius, so anytime people see her on the street they recognize her and take pictures.

2. Slavik, Ukraine

Slavik, a 55 year old homeless person from Ukraine, has been spotted by a Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn. One day Yurko just randomly encountered Slavik on the street and decided to take a picture of him, because he was dressed fairly creatively. They started up a conversation and it led to their becoming friends. That lead to a 100-photo collection named “Slavik’s Fashion”. What’s intriguing is that Slavik always showed up for his picture shoot wearing something different. I guess he too has that idea of never wearing the same thing twice. How stylish of him.

3. Cheng Guorong, China

This man’s story is very astounding. It begins out really melancholy. Cheng travelled to Ningbo, East China back in the 90’s in order to get a career and earn money to support his family. But in a series of bad events he lost his job and was robbed of his savings. He was so embarrassed that he never contacted his family back. His relatives were sure he was dead, until these photographs of Cheng surfaced on the Internet. As you can see, even though Cheng is homeless, he does have a very distinct style, his high cheekbones, untidy hair and moustache just add attractiveness to his image. He has since been nicknamed China’s sexiest tramp and Brother Sharp. After his Internet celebrity took off, Cheng has been requested to participate in advertisements and even walked the catwalk as a model. His followers even donated money to help him get his life back on track and there was discussion of a movie being made about him. It’s a real rags to riches story, guys.

4. China’s most fashionable homeless man

This man’s name is unknown but he gained to famous on the Internet as “China’s most fashionable homeless man”. Someone just randomly took a picture of this unusual dude on the street and shared it online. Since then, the photos of this Chinese man wearing a pink skirt, his handmade glasses, a cloak and a cane has been seen by millions. Quite great ensemble don’t you think? His trendy man bun adds even more uniqueness to his outfit.

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