5 Reasons You Gain Weight When You Have A Boyfriend

You know how everyone speaks about the “freshmen 15”? Those 15 extra pounds that you put on during your first year of college and then struggle mightily to shed during your time there. I believe it is now appropriate to introduce the relationship 15 equal of that. Although we are all aware that it occurs, it often goes unnoticed until it is too late. It seems as though the extra 15 pounds just appeared out of nowhere, leaving us entirely unprepared for the scenario. Let’s discuss the causes of weight increase during relationships.

1. Dates Center on Food

Having dinner and seeing a movie has become a standard date plan. That wouldn’t be that bad either, but these days we rarely stop at supper. The calories just keep on coming with the constant consumption of fatty cappuccinos with whipped cream on the move, desserts after meals, and copious amounts of popcorn and soda at the movies. It doesn’t help that restaurant portions and cage sizes keep getting bigger, and that all the sauces make even the healthiest salads comparable in terms of calories to a big mac lunch. It makes sense because you eat more when you go on more dates.

2. Your spouse might have a bad influence

Men often have a higher metabolism than women do, allowing them to eat more without gaining weight, which is incredibly unfair. Once you start dating one, you’ll probably start eating similar foods and dining together. Sooner or later, your lover will persuade you that eating pizza or Chinese food a few times a week is perfectly acceptable, and relationship 15 will begin. It’s incredible how quickly a pizza can turn into a few extra pounds of belly or butt fat.

3. You Miss the Gym to Spend Time With Your Partner

It’s incredibly challenging to find time for everything because our lives are getting busier by the minute. If you commute to work while working a full-time job, the majority of your day has already passed. When you factor in workouts, even making plans to meet up with friends becomes challenging. You suddenly don’t have time for anything when you throw in a lover. Many people opt to forego the gym in order to spend more time with their significant other, but unless your dates entail rigorous HIIT exercises or mountain climbing, there is no way you will burn off all the calories from the dinner date.

4. You don’t have to work as hard.

It’s simple to just forget and let go if a relationship is going well. Why worry when your partner enjoys the way you look and doesn’t notice the weight gain? Additionally, since no one else finds you attractive, you are not required to always maintain your physical perfection. Your partner does, after all, adore you for who you are.

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5. You’re Joyous and Careless

In the end, you don’t worry about having a flawless body if you’re content in your relationship. You don’t give a damn about your partner’s physical condition either. You two are content to simply be enjoying your relationship as it is right now. The praises keep pouring, so take pleasure in yourself if your companion doesn’t mind that you have some crap in your trunk. You know how they say that nothing tastes better than when you’re skinny? Maybe those people never took their partner out for ice cream. Because it feels quite fantastic to have both wonderful food and a loving lover.