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5 Ways to Champion Your Relationship

Relationships don’t always come naturally or easily, and they don’t always seem completely equal. In a partnership, one person may occasionally take the initiative to assist advance the relationship and fortify the bond. This person is referred to be a relationship champion by therapists and relationship experts.

Corrin Voeller, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the proprietor of Prosper Therapy in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is the expert we turn to for additional information about the function of relationship champions—and when a champion is most needed.

“A relationship champion is a stance one can take in the relationship when the couple is having problems. The champion is someone who fights for the relationship. The champion is someone who has hope even when things seem grim and challenging. The champion is someone who lifts the other person up and says, “We’ve got this, let’s keep going!” The relationship champion acts as though improving the relationship is completely achievable, especially in the face of challenges like triggers, fights, and setbacks, and assists the couple in continuing to strive toward their goals.

Voeller compares a relationship to a pair ascending a mountain to further describe what a relationship champion is. The victor, according to her, is the one who says, “Climb on my back, I’ll carry you some of the ways, I know we can do this,” when the going gets tough and someone wants to give up. They are the strength that both parties can rely on to keep up the difficult task of mending and restoring the relationship when things get tough.

Here are some ways you and your partner can each be a champion in your relationship and how to determine if it does.

Marriage and family therapist Corrin Voeller practices in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. She is Prosper Therapy’s proprietor.

When Would a Relationship Champion Be Useful?

Relationships don’t always require champions; in fact, there are times when a couple gets along well and the dynamics are generally uncomplicated. However, every marriage eventually has a difficult time, and according to Voeller, that is the time when a relationship champion is most necessary.

Even if it isn’t blatantly stated, she believes that every relationship requires a champion and most likely has one at various points. “I like to think that taking that stand and making it known within the partnership will make it easier for that individual to be the champion and receive acknowledgement and gratitude.”

She argues that a champion is especially needed when one or both persons in a relationship are feeling disheartened. Whether it appears like you are losing hope in your relationship, you would know if it needs a champion, she advises. It can go a long way to delivering that boost of inspiration to continue working if you can take on that position and cheerlead the partnership.

It’s common for the most upbeat person to assume the position of the champion since it can just come more readily to them. But when the partnership requires improvement, it’s really better for both partners to alternate taking on the role of a champion.

According to Voeller, the other partner should take the lead if the more upbeat person is having trouble being the champion. Anyone may be the relationship champion; it doesn’t take a certain sort of personality to make it work. In fact, it can be even more significant for the partnership when the less optimistic partner steps up because it really shows that both parties are devoted to the relationship’s success.

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The best way to foster relationships
You can act as a champion in your relationship in a variety of ways. Here are some strategies you could use to meet the problem.

Reduce Tensions After a Conflict

“The champion can come back to the partner and talk about what the couple learned from that disagreement and share their optimism that things will better,” says Voeller. “Once there has been some time and distance from the incident, and both parties are calm.

After a disagreement, a relationship champion can help things go more smoothly by reducing the tension. She claims that a relationship ally “makes appropriate light of a couple’s troubles.” The champion can assist the couple get over a difficult situation by being the bigger person. “Perhaps the couple got into a dispute over ice cream. The champion could make innocent and helpful jokes about ice cream.”

Consider Things from a Different Angle

When neither partner can see things from a different angle, relationships can become stagnant. By pushing their spouse to view things differently, a relationship champion can help the pair break out of that perspective. According to Voeller, “the champion urges the pair to do things differently.” Try to see things from the other person’s perspective and demonstrate your willingness to be open-minded as an easy method to accomplish this; your spouse may do the same, and you will eventually come together.

The champion must also identify instances in which the couple is progressing. For instance, if a couple is trying to communicate differently, the champion will advise them to do so and have a positive attitude each time, even if it doesn’t work out. In other words, the victor sees the good and emphasizes the development and causes for hope. This will prevent anyone from losing hope.

maintains flow and openness of communication

It takes love and appreciation from both sides for a relationship to remain healthy. The spouse who supports the relationship lets the other know how much the other person means to him or her. “The relationship champion” texts or emails their partner while they are separated to express their love, express their appreciation, and thank them for their continued hard work, according to Voeller.

Together, set objectives

According to Voeller, a relationship champion works to keep the couple on track when it comes to achieving their joint goals. Spend some time talking about what you’ve all learned from a disagreement or failure, and then utilize that information to inform the goals you can pursue as partners.

Plan enjoyable activities

The relationship champion also remembers that every couple requires stimulation in the form of enjoyable activities that they may anticipate as a couple. “We know that anticipation of a pleasant experience makes us happy, so marking events on the calendar for the couple to look forward to can boost their spirits as they attempt to make things better,” adds Voeller.


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