6 Crimped Hair Ideas That Will Make You Feel Daring

Hair that has been crimped is no longer merely a fashion from the past. The classic hairstyle of hair crimping has recently been seen on the runway in fresh iterations. And now the fashion industry’s tendency is making its way into regular clothing. Crimping is a fantastic method to give hair texture and create a strong statement. There are multiple ways to get the look, and each one may be applied to hair of various lengths and textures to produce the greatest results. Therefore, if you want to spice up your hairdo, check out these 6 daring crimped hair ideas.

short haircuts with crimps

Layering is a terrific approach to get the crimped appearance for short hair. Try layered portions around the back of the head that are trimmed at a small slant, along with random hair sections that are tightly curled. Additionally, crimped hair looks fantastic in a wavy style. For hair that is bob length, looser crimping will produce a wavy, rippled appearance that will give a vivid twist on a traditional cut. This statement hairdo will only become better with a vibrant, strong color.

medium-length hairstyles with crimps

You can be a little more imaginative with your crimping technique for hair that is just above the shoulder. This gives you enough hair to play around with, like adding a few whimsical twists or glitter. Crimping can give medium-length hair that has reached the shoulders an elegant, fashionable appearance that is ideal for a night out.

hairstyles for long hair with rims

A tiny hair crimper can be used to create lovely crimped hairstyles for long hair. The entire head will get a ton of body and volume as a result. Longer hair can be defined and given texture by being crinkled. Leading stylists advise using babylights to tint longer hair before crimping.

80s crimped hairstyles: rimmed hairstyles for long hair

Fun, vibrant colors and hairspray are necessary if you want to emulate the crimped hairstyle of the 1980s. For about a day, hair chalk can be used to color your hair; as it wears off, you can experiment with something completely different the following day. Use hair spray to seal in the style and keep it in place all day. 80s fashion calls for vivid pinks and purples with subdued crimped hair.

90s crimped hair

Crimped hair from the 1990s is also about vibrant colors, full bodies, and height. A tiny, delicate crimping technique will assist give the hair some texture and fullness. To add height and charm to your hair, try a high ponytail or twin buns. Lime green and cool blue are two vivid colors that will instantly take you back to the 1990s.

braided hair with edges

Using various braiding methods is a great way to give your crimped style a quirky edge. For a flirtatious appearance, try braids tied in two knots at the crown of the head. Two braids twisted back into thick, crimped hair are a terrific method to get a more stylish, refined style for longer hair.


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