6 Incredibly Talented South Korean Tattoo Artists You Should Definitely Know About

When discussing about tattoo artists in South Korea one should definitely start by saying that technically tattoos there are illegal. But when has it ever stopped anyone. Despite what legislation states Seoul, the city of South Korea is teeming with excellent tattoo artists that put up their own tattoo shops, salons or even just tattoo out of their own homes. In South Korea tattoos in general and persons who choose to get them are still linked with delinquents, criminals, gangsters and generally anti-social inclinations. Yet there are lots of people who opt to acquire tattoos in order to go against the system and try to live their beliefs. The tattoo scene here is quite dynamic and incredibly creative, so today we thought we’d show you some cute South Korean tattoo artists that you can follow on Instagram or make an appointment with if you’re even in that area.

1. Tattooist Banul

This skilled girl is tattooing the most cute and peaceful appearing tattoos we’ve ever seen. Her lines are incredibly tiny, her designs complicated and the colors are really delicate and elegant.

2. Soltattoo

Soltattoo creates a lot of animal tattoos and we’ve had to admit her cat tattoos are perhaps the most cutest ones we’ve ever seen. So if you ever want to get your pet tattooed on your body – this is the place to go.

3. Tattooist chai

This tattoo artist has a really particular style. To some it appears a bit sloppy, but we’re guessing the objective is to make her tattoos look casual, not overdone, like a hasty doodle on your skin.

4. Hugocide

Hugo, unlike the previous tattoo artists we’ve described, uses broad lines, and his tattoos are often bigger in size. However, the actual work he does is incredibly charming and cartoon like.

5.Tattoist doi

The linework this man does is just out of this world and it appears like he’s pretty excellent at making all styles of tattoos so whether you want a realistic picture of your cat or a line drawing of a line, or just a lovely nature theme or a branch with leaves – he can do it all.

6. Zihee tatoo

If you’re seeking for bright, gorgeous and cheery tattoos check out Zihee’s Instagram. Her tattoo style is quite unique and instantly recognizable. It’s one of those tattoos you’ll fall in love with at first sight.


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