6 Of Kim Kardashian’s Most Expensive Looks

Kim Kardashian likes fashion, and you don’t even need to be a genius or an authority on social media or celebrities to know that. She attends fashion weeks, is friends with fashion designers, and large fashion houses send her attire for special occasions. Kim also contributes to their promotion. She may have had a rocky beginning, but ever since she and Kanye started dating, her dress sense and style choices have been immaculate. She never has a dirty or untidy appearance, and even when she is wearing casual athleisure, she still manages to look better dressed than the majority of us. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that she spends a lot of money on clothing. So, listed below are six of Kim’s priciest outfits.

The 2018 Met Gala

Kim is essentially a Met Gala aristocrat. Everyone anticipates her to look stunning, and she never disappoints. She looked amazing in this amazing gold Versace dress from 2018 that had two studded crosses on it. There are speculations that this one was created by Donatella herself. Although the cost was not made public, you are probably aware that the outfits Donatella Versace individually created for Kim most likely cost a pretty penny.

2. 2019 Met Gala

You can’t write about the most costly looks and not including at least a few Met Gala looks, so don’t worry if not all of these are Met Gala outfits. People have been raving about the dress Kim wore to the 2019 Met Gala for a very long time, and not just because of Kim’s absurdly disproportionate physique. The garment was not just enthralling but also distinctive and highly unusual. Thierry Mugler, who has been in retirement for 20 years, created the design. Again, the cost was never disclosed, but many believed it to be one of Kim’s most expensive outfits.

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3. 2015 Paris Fashion Week

People attend Paris Fashion Week not just to view the newest trends and collections, but also to dress appropriately, and Kim is an expert at doing so. She wore 12 different costumes for thousands of dollars during the 2015 Paris Fashion Week. She donned a dress by Balmain that cost more than $2000 on its own, and a pair of boots that cost around the same.

4. Kim’s Line of Faux Fur

Kim used to adore wearing fur jackets, although she frequently faced backlash for doing so. She eventually had a change of heart about wearing fur and chose to stop. So, in order to still sport those cosy, soft looks without harming any animals, she transformed all of her favourite fur coats into faux fur versions.

5.The Great Gatsby Party

The Great Gatsby was the obvious choice for a theme party that Kris Jenner hosted for her 60th birthday. Each member of the Kardashian family donned formal attire for the event, with Kim’s gown likely being the most expensive. There must be thousands of dollars worth of crystals on one dress.

6. Everything in Black

Kim looks smart-casual even when wearing all black, so you best know her outfits are expensive. You won’t believe how much it was worth when she first wore this unassuming all-black outfit to the airport. Givenchy’s wool coat is $4500, Giuseppe Zanotti’s nude heels are $700, Alaa’s tights are $625 (for leggings! ), the Birkin handbag easily costs $100,000, and Celine’s glasses cost roughly $300. Therefore, this unassuming monochromatic airport outfit costs more than $16,000.

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