6 One Ingredient Dishes

We all like meals that are quick to prepare while yet tasting great. We adore food that requires minimal ingredients even more. How many times have you searched for easy-to-make, delicious 3-ingredient breakfast recipes or clicked on 5-ingredient dinner recipes? Nothing to be ashamed about; we completely understand. So here are six one-ingredient recipes you can prepare in a couple of minutes, just for you and maybe for laughs. Enjoy! They are quite basic enough to satisfy even the laziest cooks.

1. tomato soup

They claim that you need spices and other ingredients to make tomato soup, but all you really need to do is puree a jar of canned tomatoes for about a minute to produce tomato soup or a bowl of chilled gazpacho. It’s completed, voilĂ .

2. Banana ice cream

There is no chance that you haven’t heard of this amazing ice cream with just one ingredient by now. This summer, it’s all over the internet. It is creamy, delicious, and healthful. Just chop up some bananas, put them in the freezer for a few hours, and then blend the hell out of them. It truly is the finest ice cream you’ve ever had, I swear.

3. A Reliable Egg

What constitutes the ideal breakfast, do you know? An egg. It is diet-friendly because it is high in protein, healthy fats, and zero carbohydrates. You have all that you require. And there are numerous ways to prepare it. You can cook it, boil it, or poach it. However, if you want a perfect soft boiled egg, we advise bringing a pot of water to a boil, adding the egg, and then letting it simmer for 6.5 minutes. It’s science; you’ll have a perfect soft-boiled egg with a solid egg white but a runny yolk.

4. Mash avocado

Try avocado puree for a trendy and delectable meal. It tastes fantastic and is much fancier than mashed potatoes. In fact, you can serve it in a bowl and call it an avocado smoothie bowl to make it even fancier.

5. Potato jackets

It’s easy, filling, and brings back pleasant childhood memories. Who among us hasn’t enjoyed a baked potato or a jacket potato while playing around a campfire as a child? The absolute best thing ever. Bring on the nostalgia and prepare this flavorful one-ingredient meal for yourself today. Even though you’re an adult now, you can still enjoy this campfire favorite by roasting the marshmallows in your oven or building a campfire right in the middle of your kitchen floor.

6. A water glass

Let’s start off by talking about water. There is no need to prepare it; simply fill the glass and serve. Is it food? No, but we’re bringing it up first because you often mistake thirst for hunger when you think you’re hungry. Also crucial is hydration. Water is essential if you want nice clear skin, to feel alive and energized, and for your digestive system to function properly. And what else is superior to water? On this hot summer day, serve water with frozen water over ice.


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