6-Pack Abs Home Workout, Get Ripped

To have a killer body, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on pricey equipment or expensive exercise programs. All you require is the ability to employ your own body’s resistance (as well as some killer ab moves). If you complete all of these exercises, you will undoubtedly experience pain and quickly begin to notice chiseled effects.

Cycling Crunch

To support your neck, put your hands behind your head in the typical crunch position. Then, elevate your legs into a tabletop position, touching each elbow to the knee opposite it. Engage your side abdominals deeply while you execute several sets of ten repetitions.


Get into a push-up position without bending your arms (but don’t lock them out either), with your shoulders over your wrists and your spine in a neutral position. There are numerous ways to execute this, including planks on one leg or touching one hand to each pectoral on the opposing side.

Exercise V

In order to complete a rep, you must squeeze your body into a V shape without rounding your back. You must hold this position for three seconds on each occasion. Your core will become tight in no time if you can continue to challenge yourself to perform better than your best.

Windows Wipers

When lying on your back with your hands by your sides or tucked under your pelvis, lift your glutes off the floor and your feet toward the ceiling as you twist your hips to the left, your feet point right, then lower, lift, and twist to the other side. Keep your legs as straight as you can without locking them out. One rep down, and we’re already worn out.


Start in a forearm plank position with your feet hip width apart, then raise your hips as high as you can while contracting your abs as you stop at the top. Finally, return to the forearm plank position you started in. Your upper abs will appreciate it!


This low-impact Pilates exercise is excellent for your back. As you progressively raise your upper body while lying flat, start with your neck, shoulder blades, and midback. The exercise gets harder the slower you go. Work till you feel dizzy!


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