6 Signs The New Guy You Like Is Too Good To Be True

You recently met someone, and whenever you are in his presence, all you can see are hearts. His behavior toward you feels like it could only happen in a fantasy. However, you have a sneaking suspicion that your new ideal partner could be a bit too perfect. But is it possible to be too perfect? Here are some indicators that the new guy you like is too good to be true before you get sucked into your new love affair.

He is quite sweet.

Everyone appreciates praise. However, if your guy is really hitting on you with his slick, sweet language, he might not be sincerely complimentary. He might be attempting to earn your affection in the wrong ways.

Things are moving along far too quickly.

When a man looks prepared to settle down before you even know his middle name, there might be a deeper issue lurking beneath the surface. He can simply be going too quickly and not know you well enough to commit in a significant way, or he might have a domineering side that you are unaware of.

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You are not aware of any flaws in him.

Anyone who appears to be so flawless that they appear to say or do nothing wrong is probably too good to be true. It is a fact of life and human nature that we all have flaws and limitations. He may be concealing his shortcomings if he doesn’t seem to have any, which is never a good sign. The person hiding beneath the expertly polished facade may not even be revealed to you.

He always has his phone in his hand.

A guy with a secret has something to hide if he can never leave his phone unattended. This guy is probably playing the field and doesn’t want you to know when other girls call or text him if he is extremely peculiar about his phone, such as constantly having to have it with him even when he leaves a room for a brief period of time.

He is really haughty.

Nothing is wrong with a guy being self-assured. When someone is certain of who they are and what they have to offer, it may be quite attractive. However, if his confidence verges on arrogance before you’ve even started to take the relationship seriously, you can be in for a rude shock later on. As he gets more at ease with you, he’ll probably become more haughty and self-absorbed, which might leave little room for consideration of your needs and feelings.

He never addresses you by name.

Once you’ve come to know your companion, terms of affection are adorable. However, choosing a name that fits their personality requires getting to know them and their pet. Your guy may be too wonderful to be true if he consistently refers to you as his generic pet names much too quickly. He’s probably using a pet name for you so he won’t confuse it with the name of another woman he’s seeing.