6 Ugly Things Guys LOVE About Girls

Gather up, women, for another round of what boys appreciate about you. You must always be true to who you are. We are aware that “being yourself” can occasionally include highlighting your positive traits while suppressing your less desirable ones. Unexpectedly, some guys genuinely desire to see such less attractive traits in public (maybe not all of them but we will let you know which ones). We’re trying to shatter preconceptions and to set you up with your crush on a great date. Tell us how it went in the comments section below!

1. It’s your choice how you speak, but for some reason we often find girls who swear like sailors to be repulsive. You’ll be startled to learn that it’s actually the complete opposite. Of course, you might want to think twice about your language if you are out with a pastor. In some other situations, the phrase “female, cuss away” is appropriate. Be you!

2. In principle, it might be a good idea to alter your eating habits for a few dates, but consider the possibility of a lifetime of companionship. Some guys adore it when their girl eats what she wants without being constrained by conventional stereotypes. Get out there, my friend.

3. Do you reach up and munch the popcorn you accidentally dropped in your bra when you were eating it? We all lie, therefore don’t do it. Although we may perceive this to be unsightly, some guys actually find it to be cute. Let your freak flag fly the next time you’re in a movie! Don’t let even one pop escape your mouth.

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4. Put on a sweat in his presence. Men find it amusing to watch you achieve your goals, whether it be a terrific workout or lugging your new couch up four flights of stairs. It’s great to maintain your flawless appearance and makeup, but don’t be scared to let him see you in beast mode.

5. Let your humor fly. We gals frequently make jokes about diarrhea, farts, and too much hair. It’s intriguing that guys enjoy our ability to make crude jokes. We’re ready to make fun of you and introduce ourselves to the world! Show ’em, will we?

6. We cannot always appear flawless. One of the things that appeals to the opposite sex is owning up to your morning self. Yes, your morning breath stinks, but at least it’s yours. You still reign supreme despite having drowsy eyes and untidy hair. And most importantly, you have a hot date and are a queen!