7 Beauty Tips From Your Grandma

There are many beauty tips out there, particularly new ones that make use of cutting-edge technologies and new multipurpose items, but today we thought we’d share some with you that you could have learned from your grandmother. They have truly withstood the test of time and are as pertinent now as they were fifty or one hundred years ago. They are inexpensive, easy, and don’t call for any new purchases. In actuality, your home most likely already contains all you require. You might start to doubt the necessity for all those brand-new, overhyped gadgets and appliances once you read about these techniques and give them a try. Who knows, you might even end up saving money in the process.

1. Lipstick Made With Rose Petals

In the past, women colored their lips with berries and rose petals rather than lipstick. It’s far less expensive and quite effective. Take a few petals from a rose from your most recent date, crush them between your fingers, and use the powder as a lip tint. It will smell amazing and look much more natural than lipstick.

2. Rose Petals For Lipstick

There’s a reason why cosmetics packages still feature images of young women holding cucumber slices over their eyes. It’s also amusing that they now produce eye sheet masks that resemble cucumber slices but are actually made of cloth. Try the traditional method of applying a cucumber slice to your eyelids. It can reduce puffiness and is moisturizing, cooling, and refreshing. You will succeed if it worked for your grandmother.

3. Slices of cucumber on the eyes

Vaseline is an ubiquitous component in many cosmetics, yet we hardly ever use it on its own. For some reason, we have been persuaded to believe that anything that comes in a lovely packaging and is tinted is superior to plain vaseline. However, women in the past utilized it to avoid puffiness and dark circles under the eyes after a long night, as well as to make their eyelids seem lovely and shiny (ideal for that wet eyeshadow effect, by the way). Just apply it there before you go to sleep.

4. Vaseline for Everything

These days, especially during the summer, scrubs are somewhat in style. Everyone aspires to exfoliate and have skin that is luminous and incredibly smooth. However, you don’t have to buy pricey ones. Equally effective, sugar is typically the major component in most scrubs. You only need sugar and a little oil, and you can add essential oils for flavor and perfume. It is an all-purpose product that works on your lips, legs, and other body parts.

5. Sugar For Exfoliation

Splashing your face with cold water is another age-old beauty advice that works wonders. However, a lot of individuals believe that doing that is just necessary to get out of bed in the morning. Actually, it’s more complicated than that. Washing your face in warm water will cleanse it, remove all the filth, and allow the pores to be opened up so that the product may penetrate. However, thereafter, washing your face in ice-cold water will close the pores and keep the dirt out.

6. Heatless Curls Rags

Although curling wands are excellent, you shouldn’t really use them every day if you want healthy hair. Although rollers are preferable, they can be very painful when used for sleeping. What then, if we don’t want to utilize heat but yet want curls? Rough curls Simply wrap pieces of fabric with your hair and retire to bed. The next morning, you’ll have wonderful curls that last a few days while doing no harm to your hair.

7. Rags For Heatless Curls

Dry shampoo is amazingly convenient, but it tends to run out rather rapidly and all those spray cans can’t be great for the environment. Well here’s an ancient method you can apply – just sprinkle some baby powder on your hair and it’ll do the same thing dry shampoo does. And if you have dark hair you may mix it up with a little cocoa so it blends in better with your roots.