7 Best Exercises To Fix Bad Posture

Let’s face it, we all work too much and spend the majority of our time slumped over a laptop. Even though we know it’s harmful for us, we simply can’t stop. Every day we sit with poor posture, so we can’t say we’re surprised when our back hurts, our neck and shoulders become stiff, and our posture is abhorrent. Instead, we’re annoyed. Office work is only one factor affecting this. Driving, lifting large bags, frequently holding youngsters in your arms, and even spending hours on your phone going through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have the same effect. These elements all play a role in poor posture. However, we’re here to share with you seven exercises that can help you correct poor posture.

1. Shoulder stretching on a wall

Muscle tension is frequently the root cause of poor posture. They must be stretched. Let’s try to loosen up our shoulders initially. The exercise is really simple to perform. Simply stand close to a wall, place one hand on it at shoulder height, and try to turn around so that your arm is behind you and facing away from the wall. Just feel the stretch for about 15 seconds at a time without exerting too much pressure. On the opposite side, repeat.

2. Wall Downdog

This stretch is meant to loosen up your chest as well as your tense shoulders. Simply stand facing the wall with your hands on the wall and move away until you are in the position shown in the picture. Stretch downward while pressing the palms against the wall.

3. The Cat-Cow Pose

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you’ve probably heard of the cat/cow stance. Your back muscles can be stretched and strengthened by doing this. We advise performing a few reps at a time and doing it every day because it’s simple to accomplish. Get your spine moving in both directions and feel every muscle in your back thoroughly.

4. Wall Angel

You may strengthen and truly straighten your back with the aid of this workout. Additionally, it will demonstrate the actual range of motion in your shoulders that you should possess. Simply take a sideways stance with your back to the wall and your arms outstretched. Then raise your elbows in a bend. Your elbows should touch the wall, as should the backs of your hands. Now try touching the wall with your arms bent and moving them up and down. Maintaining contact with the wall with your hands and elbows is trickier than it appears.

5. High Knees

Planks are excellent for strengthening your core, and having a strong core will help you stand more upright. Simply said, a high plank is one in which you perform it on your hands rather than your elbows. Start by performing it for 30 seconds at a time, then gradually extend it.

6.  Superman

To have good posture, your back muscles must be strengthened. You’ll find it much simpler to maintain proper posture unconsciously if your back is strong. Superman is a fantastic back-strengthening exercise. Simply lay on your front with your arms out in front of you. As if you were Superman, raise both your arms and legs. For ten seconds, maintain the posture. Relax. Repeat.

7. Glute Bridge

It’s not just your glutes that benefit from glute bridges. Additionally, it’s a fantastic exercise for strengthening your back and correcting poor posture. Your legs should be bent at the knees as you lay on your back. With your feet firmly planted on the ground, straighten your body out like in the image, hold it there for a moment or two, and then slowly lower yourself back down. Perform 15 reps at a time, then rest.


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