7 Celebs Who Prove That Wearing Shorts Is The Big Fashion Trend Of Summer 2017

When it gets hot outside, there is nothing better than donning a pair of short shorts. Celebs have realized that they are much more useful than a miniskirt. A number of celebrities actually adore wearing short shorts so much that they do so for any occasion. Now, it’s just a component of their style. Can you identify the celebrities we’re referring to?

Taylor Swift

Also a huge fan of shorts is Taylor. With those gorgeous, long legs, how could she not be? She seems to have a pair of short shorts for every occasion, so we wonder how many pairs she actually owns. She frequently appears on red carpets and in short shorts, but she never gets tired of them. Look at her wearing shorts to complete her preppy, chic, and casual ensemble.

2.Selena Gomez

Selena adores short shorts as well. She frequently appears in public dressed casually and donning a pair of ripped denim short shorts. She also enjoys wearing shorts with elegant, glamorous evening attire, as seen above. I love how she wore all black and then used her shoes to add a splash of color. Of course, she has worn shorts and extremely short jumpsuits on stage before, like this sparkly purple one.

3.Kylie Jenner

Kylie is a true expert at making something as unassuming as short shorts look amazing. Even her most laid-back outfit (on the left) exudes style. She’s wearing tiny black shorts, a tube top, and a monochromatic jacket in the middle photo; this outfit is perfect for a night out. On the left, despite still being in shorts, she appears professional enough for an office meeting.

4.Khloé Kardashian

Although they are all quite similar in colour and style and Khloe appears to prefer them, she still manages to incorporate them into various looks. On the left, she is flirty and casual, on the right, she is dressed for work and a night out, and in the middle she is ready for business. Which one is your favorite?

5.Kristen Stewart,

In all seriousness, Kristen is the queen of casual. She would dress in shorts, t-shirts, and Converse every day of the week if she had her way. It’s obvious that stylists have attempted some interesting and glam red carpet looks in the past with her style (on the right), but those attempts haven’t exactly been successful. But as evidenced by the picture in the middle, it appears they are now headed in the right direction. With those shorts, a loose-fitting blazer, and shiny oxford flats, she exudes cool, comfort, and style.

6.Miley Cyrus

Short shorts and high heels are two of Miley’s favourite proportion-playing combinations. Her legs seem incredibly long as a result. But she is not to blame. If you have it, show it off. On stage, she frequently sports short shorts, but she also frequently sports them while moving around the city. With a pair of short shorts and some heels, she can easily pull off outrageous, classy, and casual looks.

7.Bella Thorne

Not the least, last. Bella is absolutely stunning in her short shorts!

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