7 Easy Makeup Tricks That Make Life Easier

There is nothing better or more enjoyable for some individuals than doing a complete face of makeup and leaving the house looking immaculate. Makeup is fantastic. Others might find it a little challenging. Raise your hand if you enjoy wearing makeup but find it difficult to mix your eyeshadows properly, your lashes are never straight, and the concept of contouring makes you nervous because you fear you’ll wind up looking like you have dirt on your face. Yes, I agree. Because of this, we’re going to provide you some beauty tips today that will simplify your life.

1, thicker brows

If you struggle to grow out and can’t bring yourself to draw on your eyebrows every day but yet desire thick, rich eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, coconut oil might become your best friend. According to reports, regular application of coconut oil to the brows for 30 minutes may cause them to thicken and possibly even darken.

2. The Ideal Wings

I understand if using eyeliner is difficult for you. Even after spending hours applying identical wings or symmetrical cat eyes with liquid eyeliner, the result will only be “good enough,” not “perfect.” However, there is a method that can make it simpler. Simply draw the form you require with a pencil eyeliner, then top it off with liquid eyeliner.

3. Pouty Lips

There is a simple option if you want your lips to seem soft, supple, and pouty but you don’t want to buy or make a lip scrub. After brushing your teeth, simply use your toothbrush to brush your lips. The outcome will be comparable to that of lip scrubs. But don’t forget to apply lip balm afterwards.

4. Refresh Mascara

Have you ever gone to apply your mascara only to discover that it is all gloopy, dried, and simply old. It happens to the best of us, so don’t worry. When you’re in a bind and don’t have the time to run out and get some new mascara, thankfully there’s a simple method that will work. Simply pour a few drops of hot water to your mascara to revitalize it, or simply immerse the closed mascara tube in some hot water for a few minutes to melt it a little.

5. Using mascara for eyeliner

Did you know that the chemicals and consistency of mascara and eyeliner are remarkably similar? Therefore, you may always apply mascara in its place if you ever run out of eyeliner. Simply scoop some onto a little eyeliner brush, then draw on your ideal wing.

6. Fuller Eyelashes

While we’re talking about eye makeup, let’s discuss lashes. Everyone wishes they had thick, long lashes, but not everyone was granted this wish by mother nature. However, there’s a quick trick you can use to give your lashes more volume and the desired amount of drama in your eyes. Just give them a light powdering before putting on your mascara. How big of a difference it makes will astound you.

7. Blush lipstick

It’s common knowledge that the best makeup results are achieved by matching your lipstick and blush. But you don’t have to spend hours searching for the ideal blush to pair with your preferred lipstick. Lipstick may always be used as blush. Use your finger to smooth a small bit of it onto your cheeks. Your cheeks will perfectly complement your lipstick and the outcome will look effortlessly natural.


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